Epizo Bangoura

Abdoulaye Epizo Bangoura is one of Africa’s leading percussionists . A former member of the famous *Ensemble Koteba* of ivory coast was born into a family of Griots, highly respected and honored members of this community of musicians and storytellers, keepers of their ancestral traditions and customs, a truth living memory of Africa, Epizo immortalises his culture through his songs, music, dance and legends.

His Father started to teach him how to play instruments at 3, a few years later he started going to school where he became a member of school bands soon after was doing performances in front of Guinea ex President * Ahamed Sekou Toure * soon after started his first tour in Europe with music and dance.

As a griot he is respected historian and considers it his responsibility to transmit his oral ancestral traditions through music, the drum, dance and chants. Epizo has toured world-wise, bringing his inspiration teachings to many cultures through his master classes.

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