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Centella Healing & Repair Serum 50ml

Centella accelerates the growth of new skin cells and, in turn, aids healing of the skin and the elimination of scar tissue. Regular daily use will effectively increase the rate at which the skin repairs. The key ingredient, Herbal ‘Centella Asiatica’ promotes cell regeneration, while toning & tightening the skin. CENTELLA ASIATICA is a hero Oneeka product and will be an essential inclusion in your daily regime. Regular use will ensure a more vibrant healthier skin.

TranCeed Vitamin C Lotion 30ml

TranCeed is a powerful, patented, antioxidant treatment. The inclusion of Vitamin C in TranCeed is essential as it has been proven to stimulate the process of collagen production in the skin. New collagen production increases skin thickness and density causing a plumping effect thus decreasing the appearance of wrinkles. TranCeed acts effectively to neutralise free radicals caused by sun exposure. Vitamin C (l ascorbic acid) is the only antioxidant proven to stimulate collagen production. The combination of Vitamin C and E provides better protection from UVA and UVB damage than C or E alone. The Transdermal Vitamin C delivery system of patented TRANCEED is designed to increase the collagen level under the skin while restoring skin vitality and youthfulness.

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