Skin Lightening Gel


with Bearberry, Papain, Ginseng & Echinacea – 50ml

A skin lightening product designed to interrupt the melanin synthesis process in the skin, thus retarding the production of  the cells responsible for unwanted pigmentation on the skin. Used daily Skin Lightening Gel will help to lighten pigmented areas, providing a more vibrant and even skin tone. Skin Lightening Gel is an original approach to contribute to the brightening of the complexion and the skin colour without irritations.


Skin Lightening Gel may be safely applied all over face, décolletage, back of hands or any pigmented area on the body that needs lightening. Pump as much as you’ll need onto your palm to spread generously over the areas you are treating. Apply Skin Lightening Gel before moisturising. For optimum results use regularly in conjunction with Oneeka products suitable for you!

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