Sensory Body Bliss Treatments

Here’s a  treatment enjoyed by our clients and created with our mission in mind. It’s far more than what a standard facial & massage can do for you. We will deliver 2 hours of pure indulgence that will leave you feeling blissed out all the way through.

SENSORY BODY BLISS PACKAGE If you feel you’d love to indulge your senses and completely unwind for a while, then this divine package, for women or men, is just for you or that special someone. Our entire space is safe and your treatment room is lite with candlelight, the vibe is calm and soft tunes will evoke a feeling of bliss. We’ll begin your journey with an Aromatic Hot Towel Foot Refresher and a few pointers to help you quieten the mind. If you find it tricky to slow down your thoughts, with your permission we’ll guide you in a Short Meditation that will swiftly take to the space in you that ensures a sacred, deeply relaxing experience. Next, a totally calming Full Body Hot Stone Massage including elements of Shiatsu and Reiki that will instantly relieve your stress and begin to balance your energy. Our Sensory Bliss Enzyme Facial with all the skin improving the benefits of our Classic Enzyme Facial includes a divine massage of your face, neck, scalp, breasts or chest for the men, stomach & décolletage. 

” I can’t wait to book my next sensory bliss facial, I have never been so relaxed, EVER! XXXX”
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