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Face Faxx was born in 2004, in Jannali inside a tenny room within another shop. Holistic principles remain front of mind across the whole team, since the very first day. We all believe, that ‘beauty’ lies ultimately within and so we facilitate the transformation of your outer beauty equally as much as we do your inner beauty. That is to provide loving attention to detail with everything we offer. Whether you come for an express waxing treatment or stay

 for a three hour long spa indulgence, rest assured you’ll be treated with the same love and respect you deserve.

As Face Faxx Beauty Therapists, we are grateful to be given an opportunity to make a small difference in the lives of those they touch.

“It’s our mission to make you feel loved & cared for how ever long you stay & for whatever reason you came”

We offer a variety of treatment plans that will effectively address your every skin concern. Some of our Facial & Specialty Treatments include our Papaya Enzymes Therapy Facial, Dermal Infusion Silk Peel, Skinnovations Herbal Peel, Collagen Induction Therapy or Dermal Needling. Along with a selection of massage, pedi and manicare experiences that provide the same level of care and relaxation.

Over 17 years we’ve built a very strong and loyal following for our work with Eyebrow! Our ‘attention to detail reputation’ with brows is known throughout Sutherland Shire and growing everyday. With an extensive range of Brow & Lash services on the menu we have got you covered. From an Express Brow treatment to more the permanent Feathering or Brow Microblading.

If time to ‘rest and unwind’ is what you need most of all! Then immerse yourself in one of our rejuvenating indulges designed to point you towards a deeply relaxed, stress free experience. Take yourself away from the busyness of your life for a while and learn what it means to really switch off.

Face Faxx is also proud to bring you Oneeka Skin Care, a herbal & botanical range of Australian Made skin care products. Oneeka is a naturally derived, professional range that has been proven to get real results. In a short time, Oneeka delivers noticeable skin care benefits due to the efficiency and safety of its ingredients. Also! Oneeka is most certainly not tested on animals at any stage of its manufacturing.

Thank you so much for your precious time, we’re all looking forward to meeting you soon!


May I introduce myself?

My name’s Bonnie and my life purpose is to be the best Mum I can be to my three amazing children Alex, Vaughn and Natasha and a loving wife to my hero Greggy!

Following close behind is the love I have for my business.

I’m so grateful you’re here!

I grew up in a big family, the youngest of nine kids! That’s a lot of people so naturally brought a lot of joy along with equal amounts of the flip side to that. Which, hey, is how it’s meant to be, right?! Equals amount of dark and light. That’s life!

The love I have of the beauty industry is really no surprise. I spent my childhood role playing “Mrs Pulligarna” the beauty lady. With an altered poshy voice to fit. I would pimp and preen anyone that would sit still long enough. I love Mrs Pulligarna, she holds a special place in my heart! Dreams come true if they’re meant to.

Besides loving the difference skin and body care treatments can make to our appearance, I’ve grown to love what it has to offer on a deeper level too. I believe, Beauty Therapists all over the world have a gift to share that’s So Special and it’s this gift that I enjoy most about my work.….but I’ll come back to that….

Am I right to suggest this……

Your life is full to over flowing most of the time, right? You’re so busy helping others that you rarely take time out for yourself? Loads of time spent caring for others though, I bet!. You spread yourself thinly, giving to your careers, children, step children, grandchildren, parents and partners. You focus your attention on the next thing on the to do list. Some days, WOW, it’s nothing short of mayhem. Right!!?

So…let’s take 15 seconds and take a couple of long deep breaths….

aaahhhh that feeling brought by the power of a conscious breathe, it drops us into a space we don’t give nearly enough attention to. The best thing is, that feeling is available to you at any moment.

That’s that special gift I mentioned before and it’s the thing I love most about what we do at Face Faxx. We get the privilege to invite our visitors into the space where calm resides. The space that reminds us there is an answer to living a stress-less life.

It’s through my own struggles that I discovered it, and today anything that presents itself as a challenge can be more easily diffused by simply tapping into that “super power” within me. It’s a life work btw and I slip up ALOT. Progress not perfection.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to offer you a selection of treatments that invites deep relaxation through focused breathing bringing the power of presence into your life. While we offer many great services and products, we also offer a loving non judgemental environment where we hope you will leave feeling like you’re better off for coming.

There’s no denying Mrs Pulligarnas business has grown and without any fancy business plan or clear direction on where it might be heading. She only ever dreamed of working in a place like Face Faxx and made the rest up as she went along

The light on the simple principles we follow at Face Faxx becomes brighter and brighter and I hope we get the opportunity to show you why you should choose us.

Mrs P, myself and our amazing crew would love to show you how you can dramatically improve your appearance with exceptional treatments while you learn some simple techniques to live a life that’s far less reactive and much more peace filled! I know it’s simple and I also know it works!

You deserve it, book in today! We cant wait to see you!

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