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Be sure to add a little self love time to your day EVERYDAY! Time to distract you from your overactive mind.

Take a walk, sit and focus on your breath moving in your body. Do whatever works for you. The objective is to shut down the mind a little. Slow down the thoughts. Easier said than done. I know! But absolutely possible, with practice.
As select treatments begin, usually facial treatments and massages, we ask our clients for permission to give them a few simple guides to move towards deep relaxation and help them let go of the external world for while. We’ve never had anyone say “O no thanks, Id rather stay with my incessant internal chatter” instead, the response often… “oh please YES I need help. I’m always thinking. My mind never stops!!”
After all less than 20% of our 60,000 thoughts a day are useful, the rest is often self sabotaging, self loathing or judgmental.
With practice you may even begin to enjoy silent gaps between your thoughts? Imagine that!!! That state can only be described as Bliss. A place, a space in which healing happens, deep relaxation is enjoyed and clarity emerges. And that’s just the start of the life long benefits focused breathing will provide.
It’s simple yet so powerful.
What I share with you here and in our rooms at the salon comes directly from my own experiences and search for a more peaceful way of living, away from the torment of my mind made madness.
Let us show you show to deeply relax, escape from your external world a while and focus on your inner body. Click here to view our delightful nurturing packages.
With love as always
Bonnie xo
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