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INWARD GAZE RETREAT – For a break like no other!

February 2020

Retreats energise us physically and spiritually and remind us to stretch beyond our minds. Take some time to Gaze Inward to deeply relax and learn that we are far more than our self talk, much stronger than our head has us believe and on earth for a purpose beyond what you might believe. We all have blocks that stop us from FULLY living. And retreating allows time away not only from the demands of day-to-day life but also from our, often, destructive minds.
Come with us and learn a little about taking directions from inner world rather than your head. There is a far deeper part of us that connects us all to each other. And if we can slowly learn to live our lives from that space, clarity comes and peace emerges.

Retreats are an ideal time to discover that sacred space inside, its always been there. We only need to be open in order to tap into it.

I’ve talked to you and received your positive thoughts to the idea. So now that I’ve made some head way with it, I wanted to share the details in the hope that you’d join me. So if you FEEL this sounds like something you’d enjoy. Trust that feeling it’s YOUR inner voice and it knows best.
Besides your Sensory Spa treatment I’ve arranged other professionals in their field to facilitate finely tuned workshops that will help us all move towards living a more peace filled life. Of course it’s not compulsory to attend everything on the schedule.  “Inward Gaze” is time-out to honour yourself, so please do only what FEELS right for you. You may prefer to spend the entire weekend just resting, eating and sleeping. 

The Venue – Bamarang Bush Retreat is located 2hrs drive south, outside of Nowra NSW. The Bamarang grounds are set in bushland, alongside the Shoalhaven River.

Date – Friday – Monday February 2020

Accommodation – Bamarang Bush Retreat offers varied, rustic but comfortable accommodation including cabins, mud brick houses and The Round House. As the number of guests we can invite is limited we will allocate your accommodation on a ‘first in first served arrangement’ and according to availability. All options are share-type rooms, so bring along some like minded friends and share.

“Inward Gaze” Retreat Inclusions 

3 Nights Accommodation

Vegetarian Meals

Self Serve Breakfast

2 Introductory Iyenga Yoga Classes

Mediumship Spirit Platform

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Workshop

plus there’ll be free time to chill, read or take a stroll in the healing nature you’ll be living in!

Group Drumming & Crystal Healing Workshop

Group Guided Meditations
Private Tarot Reading
Somatic Psychotherapy Group Body Work
Face Faxx Sensory Bliss Facial
And as always, they’ll be giveaways!

It’ll be summer! Enjoy a revitalising swim in the adjoining Shoalhaven river!

Facilitators & Workshops

The awesome team from Face Faxx will join us to facilitate a beautiful private treatment! You’ll enjoy our most popular facial treatment, the Sensory Body Bliss Facial over the weekend in our pop up Face Faxx Spa. A delightfully blissful facial and massage of your face, neck, scalp, breasts (if you choose) or chest for the men, stomach and décolletage. This treatment is perfectly fitting as it’s a great way to explore meditation and deep relaxation. The “Sensory Body Bliss” treatments series you see on our Face Faxx menu today evolved over the years. They are indicative of the approach we have to Holistic Beauty Therapy and are essentially the way we’ve always delivered our treatments. Only now we say it a little LOUDER!!
Lisa Bianco is creator & operator of Ascension Astrology & Yoga in Sutherland. Yoga has been possibly my number 1 most powerful life practice in my walk towards a more peace filled life. The power Iyenga Yoga has brought to my life, physically and spiritually, is beyond articulation. Lisa was my first call when I knew it was time to make my retreat dream into a reality. I’m so humbled to have her and know her wisdom will expand your experience at “Inward Gaze”. Lisa will facilitate 2 introductory Yoga sessions and guide us through morning meditation. The transformation through Yoga is life changing and leads us to a life filled with more harmony, compassion, wisdom and love.
Leanne Fewtrell is a Medium, Psychic/Tarot reader and will lead a Group Spirit Reading platform, where she will facilitate connection with our Angels past.  She is a soft natured soul and a darling friend. Leanne is a compassionate, loving light and her humility around her gifts is inspiring. Her readings are gentle and personal. As well as the group platform on Friday night you can choose, as part of your Inward Gaze inclusions, to have a private Tarot/Spirit reading with Leanne or Bev Lewis. (Bev’s bio below). They will connect you with your guides and theirs to relay messages from the other side.
Barbara Jackson is a Crystal Sound Therapist and passionate about this ancient healing modality of sound and how it can work its magic to transform and revitalise our energy, induce a deep sense of relaxation and well being.The resonance and harmony from the crystal ‘singing’ bowls flow through your body allowing the vibrations and frequencies within you to return to a natural balanced state, help relieve stress and release blocked energies. It’s healing at a deep level. Barbara lives in the Illawarra, where she presents regular group and individual Crystal Sound Healing sessions.  Barbara is also a Reiki practitioner and Acutonics (sound tuning) practitioner.
Claudia Boymouchakian is a woman of many talents! We’re honoured to have her facilitate this customised 2.5hr Group Healing Session.
CRYSTALS You’ll learn about the individual healing properties of the 7 crystals in your take home kit. Claudia will hold sacred space during the session where we’ll have time to share, ask questions, clarify any doubts and bring forth any other healing that participants may need.
DRUMMING A healing journey to bring ‘home’ and settle the energy from the crystal healing session and connect at a deeper level within yourself.
DANCING WITHIN Revitalise and balance the Chakras with specially chosen music. Free your body from any blocks, facilitate movement in all levels and journey within to find rhythm and flow.
Claudia is a compassionate woman, Certified Crystal and Reiki Master, as well as Spiritual Counsellor and Angel Intuitive®. With a background in PhD Psychology and DipEd, Claudia designs her workshops in a professional, practical and entertaining way. Claudia has more than 27 years teaching and counselling experience. Her passion is to help others live a balanced life, empower them to heal and to connect with Universal Life Energy to manifest their magnificence!
Now where would we be without Cameron! Cam is a Montessori school teacher, an ex-plumber, as well as an aspiring cook!! Oh did I mention an incredible step dad and Lisa’s life partner! He has passionately and meticulously prepared vegetarian feasts at Lisa’s Bamarang retreats before this. He knows the kitchen well! Besides being an amazing human, Cam pours so much love into his cooking that you’ll taste it on your lips. I’ve experienced his delicious work first hand so I knew immediately who I wanted to feed us. We’ll all have to help him wash up afterwards though. A roster for this works really well and it’s another great way to get to know each other! This weekend is no way a girls and guys weekend away as we know it. Yep there’ll be girls and guys and yes we’re going away….but to take some time-out, to gaze inwardly. We wont be serving alcohol and recommend you don’t bring any along. I love a glass, but alcohol distorts and accelerates the mind which only leads us away from our intention to calm it down.

Here are some of our pics from Inward Gaze 2018….


Treat yourself to a relaxing and restorative weekend in a calming, spiritual space within our Australian bush! Rejuvenate, ignite the senses and connect with your inner body while you enjoy a blissful journey of deep relaxation and discovery!

We’d love to share what will be an amazing weekend with you!

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What could be more therapeutic than 3 nights away to totally immerse yourself in YOU! It’s time to discover your own power. Come and find the true essence of you beyond your internal chatter that plagues your life and start learning to live from the heart. However you describe that sacred place – Heart, Spirit, Soul, it’s in you. Its powerful and it only takes learning how to tap in. What better way to start reaching in to that power than a few days away packed with activities to evoke exactly that.

Click through the links below to see if I’m on the right track to introducing you to a life with less stress, all you’ll have to do is walk from your room to an inspiring workshop, to the dining room, to the Spa, to  meditation or a comforting spirit reading.  Immerse yourself for a few days. I can feel it’s power already.

Remember always…“It’s our Face Faxx mission to make help you feel nurtured and cared for, however long you’re with us and for whatever reason you came” And our first retreat holds no exception to that!

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The Venue

If it feels right don’t delay, unfortunately we can’t take everyone!


If you’re meant to be there, you’ll be there! Contact me to chat about a payment plan!

Check out the love shared and the peace enjoyed in 2018!!

love bonnie

Early birds don’t let the ‘ellusive mind’ stop you from honouring yourself. Listen to your heart, it knows better than your internal chatter, respond to the feeling and book in asap!

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