So it’s time to celebrate Mothers Day again. I only wish there was a hand book for every situation we’re expected to face!Having lived a little, we always share short cuts with our kids. Ways to avoid the inevitable curve balls of life. Gotta keep an eye out for the glaze over though. Do you get that? The signs when you know you need to shut up. I get a feeling to stop. When its flowing I know I’m relying on something more powerful than me to delivery the messages on point with clarity and love. No matter what the topic. If its coming from me and not through me it just doesn’t flow and turns to white noise for them and me. It’s time to shut the gate. Give the love and get the flock outta there. I know clearly when I’m being heard and exactly when I’m not.

As a super bonus Alex said once or twice “I might see ‘IT’  (i.e. the meaning of life) your way, one day. I can see how  it makes sense to you. But I have it to find out my own way”! Fair enough, I get that growth comes from making your own mistakes. I know that from my own shocking experiences as a kid, that’s for sure. As a Mum, letting go is the hardest thing I reckon but vital for them.

Whether it’s nappies & teething, birthday party drop offs & sleepovers, bullying & knee scrapes, puberty & pashing, study or slothing, sex & drugs, anxieties and fears. As mummas, we do everything we can with what we have to guide them. Hopefully with not too much rescuing and more setting free. I’ve said more than once… ‘trust me that choice might be the long and hard way around ‘ and ya know what, the long hard way around is ok too. This is their journey not ours. Very separate in fact! But nothing will stop us from from loving, caring, watching and guiding.

Here’s to the Sacred quest of Motherhood. ‘One day at a time’ we’ll get the job done. For this moment do your best with what you have. I know you have the essential ingredient – LOVE.️

Teach them to “Scatter Seeds of Kindness where ever they go” My Mum’s wisdom. If that’s all we teach them, they’ll be ok!

Have a beautiful day on Sunday. Be kind to yourself – to them you’re the best Mum in the world.

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