So that’s what it was???!! You bet ya. If only we could sit in every negative situations that presents itself and say… OK I’ll go quiet to accept it first. Feel it in my cells, learn what I need to take from it then watch it slowly pass.


I’m hearin ya, don’t worry!! Sadly, when you’re in it YOU’RE IN IT and clarity like that is far from our mind. And there is lies the problem. The mind and the negative control it can have. We focus more on the story than the gift that’s coming, that is for sure.


Think about it, the last, not so fun situation that had you declaring “man why is my life such a drama” or “this always happens to me” passed eventually…Right?! You felt zapped, depleted, by all the energy you wasted intellectualising, analysising and problem solving, it passed nonetheless. Only leaving you to discover, no matter how devastating it was, it was always going to pass. Just like the other countless situations that have come your way. The pain that comes needs to be felt but absolutely needs not to be held like we hold it. We attach ourselves to it like as if it’s helpful. Hilarious!


We can take the long road of self pity and the victim stance if we like. Sure we can! But I’m up for another way. Besides I know this road only takes you down a path of twists and turn, hurdles and ‘wrong way go back’ signs. Not to mention, mental and physical health situations. The choice of resistance, doesn’t have YOU driving the bus along the journey that was intended for you. It’s not you holding the steering wheel, sorry not sorry, it’s merely the mind. Until we realise this as the truth the same challenges will be delivered. Sure they’ll look differently to each of us and have varied stories attached. Different arguments will be had, differently people will be involved, different kinds of pain will be felt. But essentially the same lesson is trying to be delivered. And until we get that as the truth will live eternally with the same struggles, over and over and over. If you take an honest look at the past you’ll recognise a repeated pattern. Sure different stuff but all with a common theme. All of it ,graciously and divinely working to have you see your struggles for what they’re worth.


But wait, don’t go,  it’s not all bad!!!!! It’s extremely frigin exciting actually…….


There’s a brilliant light trying to shine in your life and all you gotta do is turn it on. It wants so badly to shine bright in your life. And it will I promise you. When you give up the resistance to what goes wrong and realise that all you needed for the pain to stop was acceptance of what it was for that moment. It’s not easy, I know it, but I also know it’s possible AND that there’s huge reward. Not only are the answers to your questions presented with clarity also the freedom from your struggles granted. And the realisation that you’ll keep getting the same challenges, different situations, until you hear what you’re meant to learn.

Once we accept our situations as the gifts they’re meant to be, the bus points in the right direction. Let’s just say when I practice what I share, it feels like I’ve been dropped off in HEAVEN. Choose your destination wisely.


Try it next time. Apply what you’ve learned in our rooms or elsewhere, go quiet accept it feel it. Sure some mind generated thinking may be required but I’ll bet only 5% of what you give it will be useful. Use your mind instead to concentrate on the everlasting power within through a quick meditation before you respond or react. Internally or externally. Allow it’s passing sooner than you once would of and start relying on the power within you for the solutions. All you need is there. We often, too readily try to solve when it’s better to simply accept the situation fully as it is and allow space through meditation, in order for it to pass. Have patience. We NEVER suffer for nothin’.

You know great things are coming, when everything seems to go wrong. Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter. Be patient! Adil Ahmed

love bonnie