It’s a little welcome to a new decade. Thoughts about switching up our responses to stuff that comes up through the year. Doin it differently maybe – gentle giving it a go at least. it’s a life work after all.

Nevermind the calendar, we see the days come and go like the year before and the year before that…and face the same same over and over. Sure the stories differ but the message that’s trying to get to us, repeats. Treats over and over we hear, that is. In other works the suffering continues. Then another story lands. On and on it goes.

Thankfully, there are always opposites. A Perfect display of polarities is right now in Australia. While there is extreme devastation there is immense hope.

My year delivered a realm of emotional polarities.

Elation and misery, struggle and flow, conflict and harmony, loss and abundance, fear and courage, rejection and inclusion, confusion and clarity. Wow and if I gave it more thought a whole bunch more. POLARITIES over and over and over = L I F E!

And no matter the number of the year, life deals what’s MEANT to help us respond with less reactivity, more love, more acceptance, more patience, and less righteousness.

Playing the… but Far out! I’m so right and you are SO wrong game only keeps up further away from enjoying all the smooshy and yum feelings we get when we let go to being right.

Our country is in the blame game and it’s spreading like RAIN😉
A royal commission for sure. But stop with all blame.

Back to ‘another year of emotional polarities’ …. 🤣

WT after that share, it seems I have a load of ‘respond differently’ work to do. What about you? Perfection isn’t real but progress, it’s worth all the effort.

When the next chunk of suffering lands, and it will. Feel it first, breathe then respond. Some stuff only needs a breath or two at that moment. Other stuff, takes longer to pass. Do the work, enjoy watching the attachment to the game of life, wain. The hardest work that reaps the biggest reward, is the silent work. Your words and actions may seem fruitful at the time. BTW, how is impulsive reactivity going for ya?!
Try to Be still, physically and internally too.

And If you stuff it up AGAIN don’t forget your clean up – ask for their forgiveness – humbly without add ons. “Like….. sorry but if you only blah blah I wouldn’t have been so pissed. NO OWN IT ALL. A loving convo later maybe but own your actions fully. They’ll forgive you, it makes space for them too to be forgiven when it’s their turn to mess up.

o man time to sign off. Hope I see you soon. Tash and I are heading down the coast today. First stop Fisherman’s Rock, when we (all us Face Faxx girls and Kevin) had our early Xmas party in Sussex. We all spread out on that magical big rock and arrived in an impromptu meditation. I never forget that moment. Betcha the landscape looks different now. 😢 ]

OK so, you’re naming the year 2020, what better time than to kick off a new decade with an intention to shift. Know there’s always an opposite to reach for.

I can’t say goodbye without sending our love to all our living creatures that have suffered in the devastation. Mother Nature with restore the land and people WILL, with love and support from other people, rebuild their lives.

Love As Always B X

P.S. Our chosen charity…… Wildlife Rescue South Coast. 25% of Oneeka sales will go to them, until 28 feb. Should get to 1500 bucks!

PSS thanks for your 5 million Miley Cyrus!! every bit counts.

PSSS 🧡 this photo of Sussex Inlet Firies dancing in rain 🌧 🌧🌧🌧

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