HAPPY NEW YEAR 🥳 We hope 2022 is full of happiness, love and so much positivity!
Many 2’s in 2022! ✨In numerology, number 2 is known as having a supreme feminine force and represents Grace & Power. Aww Yay bring back the girl power! 2s also brings Harmony, Peace and Balance back. ♾
Bring on 2022.
Sending love and the very best goodbye to 2021.
Another year in which we had so much in common. Bouts of fear, stress and worry. Are you up for some peace, harmony and balance. I am.
Make your choices wisely as we move into 2022. While we can’t control what we’ll face we can control the change of tact and choices we make in response to what we face.
There’s no doubt our challenges will be delivered, no matter how strong our will is to resist them. The time is now to walk towards non-reactivity to the stuff we aren’t expecting and start practicing acceptance of it all. The hardest but most rewarding work of all. Your comfort zone is not the most likely place you’ll find spiritually. Comfort zones are really nice when they come along. But you can bet life will destroy your comfort zone over and over and over.
The idea is not to be waiting for life to pull you out with another challenge. It’s gunna do that anyway regardless. Instead, simple BE in your comfort zone. 😌 And when you’re pulled out into your next challenge…NOTICE that too and BE again in that which is not so comfy. Repeat. BEING still, pausing, brings the ultimate satisfaction. Pining for perfectly still water in life simply isn’t realistic. Learn to love that which challenges you. It is in these  times we get the opportunity to practice. To be less reactive. Less attached to what is.
The sun will continue to rise no matter what. Our ragey waves can be much easier to ride if we’re present to the way they startle us, allow the human reaction but swiftly enjoy the float back to acceptance of whatever is delivered.
Let’s be mindful of what we choose in 2022. While we’re not ultimately in control, play your human role and ask yourself will this bring me

peace, harmony, a little joy maybe!? You’re deserving of it all! Say no when you know it won’t bring joy. Does it nurture my soul? Will it reduce my stress or increase it? Will what I say yes to only add to my list of stuff that I know will feed my self sabotaging ways. Will it be detrimental to my mental health? When you’re invited by a thought or a friend to take a walk, to run, to dance, to relax…..should your answer be yes to these things that serve you!? You know the answer to these invites. It’s YES YES YES. Ignore the internal suggestions, to move away from YES to what you know is good for you.

When I look back on the last couple of years, these times have challenged my mental health far more than I realised when I was in it. We’ve both had episodes of what I’ve been calling ‘challenge’ the shifty bits that can wake us up to new way of doing life.
My shittiest bits…
Lockdowns at the salon freaked me out. Can we survive another closure?
I broke my leg. We prepared our house for sale. Apparently we were meant to stay. whatever. My boys got C-19. Xmas was cancelled. I got fit delivering food upstairs to my patients. Then I got fat again eating chocolate in self pity.
Bring it on 2022 we’re well equipped. We’ll pause more often to every obstacle before we react! We know there’ll be less suffering if we do.
Sending so much Love As Always
Bonnie 💫
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