I paused with my coffee this morning with an intention for my day to be better than yesterday.

Then I read your testimonials.

Everything changed. 😊

There’s been some challenges at work 🤦🏻‍♀️. Oh nothing to write home about, our lives are filled with challenges. And stuff that pales in significance to what some are walking through today!

I hadn’t looked at ‘the words you wrote’ in a long time. So uplifting and a frigging huge reminder to celebrate YOU for your coming by that day!

Take a look back a bit. Not to dwell in the shitty bits of the past but to remind yourself of all the miracles going on. You won’t have to look far! 👏 And keep going regardless of how messy it gets.

Reach out to the sunny bits ☀️. And NEVER just proceed quietly alone. Every one of us is challenged at times. Even though you may think…. . ‘Why is life so rosy for them?’ It’s not. Period.

So Thank YOU for being my sunny bit today! 🧡

We’re all grateful to have jobs because of you. We all need to be lifted up occasionally. Today I choose YOU. Tell someone you think they’re amazing today. Just like you did for us. It’ll make their day and yours.

May Face Faxx continue to be the place you love to hang out for that much needed break from life’s clutter.

May it continue to be a safe, nurturing place for women to work. An environment that encourages them to explore the truest and loving essence of themselves, beyond their bodies. And with their still minds may their healing hands continue to share this very wisdom with you and our community.

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