Good honest skin care products such as Oneeka Skin Care will help us achieve a more youthful healthy glow, a beautiful glow first comes from within.

If you’re unhappy or holding on to negative emotions it’s sure to manifest physically as a dull complexion.

Have you ever noticed how happy, positive people just seem to glow with their positive vibrations being reflected in their skin? When you’re at peace in both your body and mind, your body reflects this peaceful state of being by making your skin glow.

We know how hard it can be sometimes to try and relax when we are faced with challenges.

That’s why I’ve put together a few calming practices that can be included in your day no matter how busy you may be!

Take a Breath

We often underestimate the incredible power of deep breathing to instantly release tension and calm our minds.

Even though our breath is our life force, most of us don’t give much attention to it. If you can start to be a little more conscious of it, the benefits will astound you.

Deep breathing is an excellent tool to help ground you in the present moment, calm an anxious mind or fast heartbeat and just give you an instant relief from your incessant thoughts.

To become more aware of your breath, you need to train your body and your mind. Set aside just 5-10 minutes a day where you can sit or lie quietly and just breathe. Breathe in slowly through your nose to a count of 5, hold it for a second or 2 before releasing your breath through your mouth to a count of 5. Repeat this at least 10 times, or more if you have the time.

Make deep breathing a daily habit, and enjoy just the positive changes that will happen.


We rush around all day without taking a moment to notice our bodies.

If you stopped for a second, and listened to your body, you’d probably found that you are holding onto tension in certain areas, such as your jaw, forehead or shoulders.

By becoming aware of these areas of tension and learning to relax them along with your deep breathing, you will further enhance the feeling of deep relaxation your body so craves.

Yoga is an excellent exercise for merging both the power of the breath with movement.

Throughout the day though, you might find that you just don’t have the time.

No worries! Something as simple as taking a few moments to stretch your arms above your head or bending forward towards your toes can have a huge positive impact on how you feel. Just give it a try!

Connect With Yourself FIRST!

This sounds so simple, but it may be harder than you think.

We give share a bit of ourselves everyday, to our jobs, our families, our homes. Often without taking time out to tend to our own needs.

Get into a daily habit of doing something you love every single day. Anything creative is self-nurturing and a great daily practice to help you move towards a joy filled life. In order to be who you need to be for everyone else, you need to connect with yourself first and foremost.

Don’t let time be a constraint, make the time. Just as you make time to take a shower, or enjoy a meal, make time for yourself a priority.

Book some time for yourself today and let us show you how to discover your own inner space. A sacred, blissful space you may never ever visited.  

Book Online anytime or call us 9545 6885 we’d love to chat with you more about how we can help you .

We hope you’ll try these simple practices to reduce stress in your life. I know with practice and guidance you’ve got this!!!

love bonnie

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