I woke at 4.30 am. I tossed in bed bombarded by my thinking mind. One thought to the next and then the next. Never asking for thought to drop and knowing they’ll quickly affect how I feel if I don’t swiftly take charge😥.

It’s our ego, our mind, that takes control. Our ego loves to have that grip on us. It’s constant, but only if you let it. Sure, some of these thoughts will need action and practically earthy movements at some stage, but we don’t need to deal with them now as they land. Just being aware of this can be the first step of breaking the cycle of incessant overthinking🙌🏻.

So thankful,  it doesn’t take me long to realise the grip my thoughts were having. I thanked them for sharing and took back control and got out of bed.

How often do we hear.. ‘We need more balance in our lives’.  Let’s start with the havoc our thoughts create. We’ll never stop our involuntary crapola, we’ll never completely shut down the chatter but we can practice ways to become the master of it rather than our debilitating thoughts remaining the master of our lives🦋.

I’d love to share some simple solutions to help you quieten the noise🧘🏻‍♂️. Book in today. It’s my favourite thing to do. Or better still join us on retreat where we’ll share loads of ways – together!

You have all you need already! ‘It’s’ waiting patiently for you to take the right actions to ignite it, that’s all.

With Love,


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