This blog is disjointed. That’s me. A little ranty. That’s me. It’s passionate. That’s me. It’s excitable. That’s me. It’s disorganised. That’s me. It’s emotional. That’s me. It insecure. That’s me. It’s vulnerable. And that’s so me too.

If you know me, that’s all you’ll get. I feel safe because I know you won’t judge me… and if you feel the urge to, that ok too. You’ll never be judged by me for being the real you. It’s safe here.

You see, the thing is this….perfectly shared by G D Melton. Who is Melton!?
A genius I say!! ( not even sure where I found this quote. My words were written many many moons ago and resurrected today, so there’s a confession right there.
Back then I clearly wasn’t as brave to share. Owning who we really are takes time and loads of the hardest work you’ll ever do.

Anyway here’s Melton’s words…

“When you tell the truth it clears the field for others to tell the truth and the truth just gets bigger and bigger.”

Truth is…..the amazeballs unit that YOU were meant to be in this lifetime needs to be shared. Beyond what your family, friends or society thinks you should be. The brilliant you, warts and all. The talented you, GIFTS and all!

Revisiting my own writing and finding this quote was a message this morning that I can’t ignore.

We’ll get the same signs over and over that our thoughts jeapodise and have us ignoring because it’s so scary to be honest with ourselves.

Thing is if we don’t acknowledge the signals for CHANGE life stays the same.

If we don’t tell it how it is no
-one wins. If I tell how it is. I win. But more importantly it ‘clears space’ and gives you potential to be brave and win too.

We are constantly being pointed to greatness – if only we’d follow the directions. Sometimes they’re only whispers. Super subtle messages.

What messages, you say!!? Oh, you missed those subtle ones?! no wucken furries because the nudges for change will come your way again and again and again. But most likely more like the sledge hammer approach to the side of ya melon. And sometimes disguised as suffering.

You got it, our struggles ARE our messages for change.

Although I’m getting braver in business and own the truth that it has a bunch great stuff to offer the people we meet. The recent death of my sister has really been my flying frisbee to the head. Life is short and if we don’t start taking action on our best life, who will! Aahhh no-one.

Step 1.
accept the shitty bits. I don’t believe we suffer for sufferings sake. No way. I believe wholeheartedly we need to allow the human response to be too. It needs to be felt for a time and let go. But never resisted.

Thank you for another opportunity to face MY fear. To be vulnerable and say out loud how I feel, hoping in someway, somehow it helps you to live your highest best life.

Go beyond your sabotaging thoughts and follow YOUR yellow brick road, give the world YOU. Come on!! The world needs what only you have. (I nicked that last line) I love it though. It’s true.

Do “YOU” however that looks. I heard a kid say….. I think on Mafs….” oh stop it, I frigging loved Mafs.

Jess said “you do you and I’ll do me!” Well she’s bang on if she’d dropped all the derogatory connotations and tone around it, add a big dose of LOVE to the comment and then it’s perfect. Somehow I think her message was more like….. oh man just piss off will ya and leave me alone. LOL ?
And if you couldn’t stand Mafs — go you! I can’t wait until next season. Greg and I actually make it our date night. Sorry Greggy I dobbed you in too. Thing is he couldn’t care who knows. I’m a little bit oh no should I admit I love it. Yes I should. I do love it.

Ok, there goes the disjointed bit I predicted. Back to the story- if that’s what this is –

Yep…Live and Let Live – drop the smart ass bit that screams I’ll live my way because I’m better than you.
Live and Let Live- with LOVE and without judgement for others.

Allow others to do them for sure. It’s called letting go of what you can’t change in them. All the while taking control of what is in your power to change what you can about YOU and your world.

Take action on whatever it is YOU need to do to live the most powerful version of yourself.

This is the moment I tap the Go button and say up ya bum the critics, listening to them will stop me from being the true me. As listening to others will stop you in your tracks too.

I choose to love all of me with a hope it clears the way for you to do the same. ?

Let go of what’s not serving you and get on with living your best life. Be Brave. Start today.

With All My Love as Always
Bonnie xo