So happy you’re here!

Beautiful thing is, if we don’t get what we need to hear the first time it’ll be sent again and again and again and again in the form of more suffering. Can you hear the track that’s played on repeat all your life. Your fixed ways of being – the repeated challenge that kinda looks the same as the last only different, disguised by a different ‘story’. All good if you don’t get what you’re meant to, it’ll be offered again, wrapped in a dirtier brown paper bag. Maybe you’ll be awake to it next time. The sooner we realise we’re sinking again into the same bucket of shit the sooner those repeated episodes lose their momentum and eventually their hold on us. 

Oh and BTW when you get that lesson another is coming. Only the subject matter might differ. Cut yourself some slack, if you’re anything like me you’ve accumulated stock of piles stuff you feel you’ll need soaking for 2 decades to dissolve the super-glue that’s got you attached to it all. Crapola like self pity, resentment, self loathing, regret, guilt, fear. What emotion has you gripping like as is it’s serving you!?

First comes the minds control over our actions soon to follow is the debilitating emotion. It’s taken me decades to change the trajectory of my life and like you (I wanna say it) I **** up lots, ok mess up lots. No rush, open the door to the idea that you’re more than your body and thoughts and watch your life situation transform.  You’ll slip and fall again, oh man, loads of times but the falls become more like a grazed knee rather than a Mai Thai fighters blow to the ribs. Stop resisting the shitty bits it’s all designed and delivered in perfect timing.

For some in our community, that’s a bitter pill. For YOU I send my love and strength for your gradual healing from your heaviness and hope that you grace yourself with as much time as you need to walk in your storm for now. Your intense suffering will not be permanent. Nothing is.

We’re all so lucky to have a few years as humans on Earth. Make the most of it. Listen, you might not be able hear this yarn today. You might instead be dwelling on that bad pun. That’s ok, this is about non-resistance to whatever IS I’m only just ripping my legs from an episode in quicksand too. When we’re stuck we’re stuck. But that’s all as it should be too. Be in what ever it is for now, only don’t stay longer than you have to.Let go! The gifts are on the otherside and you know it! They were there the last time, right?!

Someone asked me yesterday, what has you able to  (Omg I think, no I know she said something so humbling like ) share such wisdom and bring it onto the business the way you do?. Well let me say firstly if you had seen me last week RL you’d soon realise I aint no wise one and soul in this body for a bit, doing my best not be sabotaged too often by my head! Please! ask my Angels that do life with me how divinely I did not behave! Anyway, the answer I gave to my client’s question … what lead me where I am?
I answered without hesitation……SUFFERING!

Through my mothers vast teachings and my longing to be guided by my inner and higher power through connection with my true self. Like you, I suffer still only maybe a little less intensely. Long bouts of depression and anxiety area distant memory nowadays. Today I have clarity. We’re not who we think we are. You are beautiful, powerful, pure soul having a human experience. Nothing more, we all need to stop getting attached to it all. We will strive in life, we will be great parents and grandparents. (well we’ll have a go at being great sometimes we wont be) this concept doesn’t take us away from living our human existence at all. It’s a reminder that through daily practice we can learn how to live in harmony WITH all that this short life has us face. 

Hey another beautiful thing is, exploring this space in you will stop you searching for peace and happiness outside of yourself, you’ve always had all you need waiting patiently inside YOU. Your task is to tap in. Diligence is key, start an uber simple practice today. Slowly. Slowly. Open to it with Love and what you need next to expand it will follow.

Do you have an Active Mind? I’d LOVE you to join to chat. We’re all in this together, the more we share we faster we heal . Get in touch if you need a some tips to get your daily practice started. I’d love to share what’s changed my life forever! A little planning and 10 minutes a day is all you need to start transforming your life.

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