Here’s something that goes a little against the grain of what we do!

Listen, does it reeeally matter how we look?! 

Let’s think about that for a split second…. Nuh, it does not!

Sounds contradictory, given the industry I’m in. 

As human beings, living in the western world, we care how we look, we do. We want to preserve our aging skin, put on our gloss and do our hair.  (Well, maybe the boys skip the lippy. Or maybe not.) But life is not only about how we look to the outside world. There’s far more🦋.

It’s something I absolutely love to remind my kids AND our clients. I’ve had these kinds of convos with my young team and vulnerable clients for many many years. And they are so openly received. Sometimes, there are tears of joy, because they realise they’re more than their busy all-consuming mind that dictates their life. The constant banter that plays on repeat, telling them they need to look or act a certain way to be accepted. On heaps of occasions in a meditative treatment, they realise, sometimes for the first time, that they are far more than just their bodies and controlling minds. We are all that we feel through stillness rather than who we think we are🧡

If that’s all I do for one young woman or man, that is, help create a slither of an opening towards their deeper, truest self, I’ve done my job. It’s through that very stillness we find joy and freedom to be fully ourselves. True happiness cannot be found outside and certainly not in a cool insta profile!

This stuff happens every day at Face Faxx. 

A precious opportunity waits for you too. All you need you have. With practice and a few tips you’ll be sending off that precious invitation from yourself to the deeper you, saying..  ‘it’s time to live beyond my thoughts and reactivity and start living the life that was meant for me’.

Google maps can’t direct you to this place of bliss in you but with practice you can get there yourself, anytime, anywhere you are. What you find at your depth will BLOW YOUR MIND.🥰

No matter how far you think you’re off course towards your freedom destination, small changes every day will soon see you living your best life. Remember, whatever you give this life, get ready, cause that’s what you’ll get back. 

Biggest Love Always



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