Beauty Therapy – goes beyond the body at Face Faxx!

Myself and my amazing staff have been treating people in the Sutherland Shire for 18 years. We’ve built our reputation on what takes a different approach to conventional beauty therapy.

Let me explain what I mean…

Like most humans, your life is full to overflowing most of the time, right? You’re forever helping others and you rarely take time for yourself? Most of your time is spent caring for others. You spread yourself thin, giving all your time to your career, your colleagues, your children, grandchildren, parents and partners. “Whenever will it be my turn” is a common but fleeting thought! As your attention flicks back onto the next thing to do.” It flicks around alright YOUR MIND WILL TAKE CHARGE, IF YOU LET IT.

I learned life was not only about the roles I play and the suits I wore. My greatest struggle was beyond all of that ‘stuff’, my challenges were once heightened by my destructive involuntary thought processes.  Without awareness of it happening, they have complete control over us. The Silent Killer. NO very noisy killer! I BELIEVED EVERYTHING IT TOLD ME ABOUT ME. It had me hook line and sinker for decades. And it still hooks me, daily. But thankfully today it doesn’t have the power to reel me in. (WTF fisherwoman in a past life) anyway, I’ll go with it, it works.

Through lots of HARD work to gained MY POWER back. Life is very different. Nothing like the tormented life I once lived.

I’m so thankful for my struggles with depression and anxiety, it’s the rough terrain that led me to search for a way out of shitville and discover I am far more than the roles I play as mother, wife, business owner, sister, friend, aunt... It’s the ignition of a “super power” I uncovered, it was always there waiting for me to be ready. AND YEAH IT’S WAITING PATIENTLY FOR YOU TO BE READY TOO.

This inner power literally saved my life. It’s a life work BTW and takes lots of patience and loving kindness FOR YOURSELF to keep practicing, DAILY. Seriously, if you can bring a little present moment power into your life EVERY DAY of your life, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by the gifts that are delivered to your door. Hey, I slip up ALOT, my illusionary mind stuff slips in. ALWAYS. But through the strong belief in THIS MOMENT only, THIS BREATH only I suffer less.

There are so so many practices to help you work this stuff into your daily life. Don’t freak out on finding what your thing will be. RELAX AND LET THE MAGIC HAPPEN, WHAT YOU NEED WILL PRESENT ITSELF. 

Only difference. Your head has you too busy to notice the miracles that land each and every day. Open your heart to it, and what YOU need as your daily practice will come to you. This ain’t no dogma rich religion created my man. It’s simple, it’s in you now, it arrived with you when you entered and it will leave your body behind when you go. That’s cool and I’m so grateful to have been led on the path. You can travel it too.

Image if we all let go of the stuff that doesn’t serve us. The stuff that doesn’t help us move towards a bliss filled life IS OUR OWN MIND MADE MADNESS. The stuff no one else knows is happening except you. Put the brakes on your incessant sabotaging thoughts and start living a life filled with less resistance to what is and more acceptance of the things you just can’t change.

I reckon it should be known as a  “mind-LESS–ness” practice not mindFULness. Less Mind activity is the key!

I believe Beauty Therapists the world over have the opportunity, to invite their clients to enjoy experiences that go way beyond their skin and helps them more deeply relax into the sacred spaciousness. But firstly, let it begin with us. We must practice if we intend to SHARE it. Energy is contagious and so it takes us, as your Beauty Therapists to be present to our own breath and power before we have any chance to pass the right frequency onto you.

Our treatments so often include techniques to direct you to this space in YOU – as little as a couple of tips to help you more deeply relax and reminders to ‘let go for now’ and soften the body to full guided meditation.

We love our group workshops and weekend retreats. All with the very same intention. To help you go beyond the demands of your life and tap into that special something in you.

And if you have already discovered life beyond your body and mind. WELCOME INSIDE. Keep practicing, be kind when you get hooked by your negative thinking again. Realising that you did is the blessing  “AH you got a nibble again BIATCH, thanks but ill take action anyway ya chatterbox” and move on to live the life that was Intended for you.

It’s what I love most about what we do at Face Faxx! We are honoured to invite you, our very special guest, to a place in YOU where all the calm resides. The space inside us all that reminds us there IS an answer to living a stress-less life. Have you ever considered?….You have all you need already, inside of you!!!

Book in, we’d love to share our tips that will undoubtedly help you deeply relax!  Coupled with your own daily gentle work, it will change your life.

Here’s a  treatment enjoyed by our clients and created with our mission in mind. It’s far more than what a standard facial & massage can do for you. We will deliver 2 hours of pure indulgence that will leave you feeling blissful all the way through.

SENSORY BODY BLISS PACKAGE If you feel you’d love to indulge your senses and completely unwind for a while, then this divine package, for women or men, is just for you or that special someone. Our entire space is safe and your treatment room is lite with candle light, the vibe is calm and soft tunes will evoke a feeling of bliss. We’ll begin your journey with an Aromatic Hot Towel Foot Refresher and a few pointers to help you quieten the mind. If you find it tricky to slow down your thoughts, with your permission we’ll guide you in a Short Meditation that will swiftly take to the space in you that ensures a sacred, deeply relaxing experience. Next, a totally calming Full Body Hot Stone Massage including elements of Shiatsu and Reiki that will instantly relieve your stress and begin to balance your energy. Our Sensory Bliss Enzyme Facial with all the skin improving benefits of our Classic Enzyme Facial includes a divine massage of your face, neck, scalp, breasts or chest for the men, stomach & décolletage. 

” I can’t wait to book my next sensory bliss facial again, I have never been so relaxed, EVER! XXXX” Bronwyn H

Choose any treatment with us and our dream will always be that you leave us feeling loved and cared for, regardless of how long you stay or whatever you select to indulge yourself in.

Love Always B  🧡