Looking back on this video today is loving living proof that it’s content is bang on with any sudden shock that shows its face, those surprises that pop in unexpectedly. You know em. You’ve lived through many of them.

When you don’t know what to do – DO NOTHING – To when I finally remembered … When you don’t know what to do – DO NOTHING

I ‘really and truly’ believe it’s all about how we respond in those times that’s meant to be the delivery of a whopping pretty pink gift in the end. At times you’ll need to wait for the gift. And wait. And wait.

This ‘after c19 shock’ share, is sent with love always and a hope some little thing resonates. 🙏

Me emerging from the… “WTF you want me to close my shop. But you don’t understand that joint is near the top of my ‘dearest loves’ list!” That can’t happen.

It did happen. And it happened for 12 weeks. Like the C-19 stuff that affected you. It’s our Mind blowing reality for now. Only For now. The colour and shape of our next surprise will change, it’ll be a different story, but never-mind how it will look, another challenge is coming.
As is the joy 🧡

Can I take a left to add a quicky with the boss..

(“hey God, Allah, Buddha, Higher Power, big U, fairy dust, you know who you are.
Listen, we’re not heading there all over again are we, please pull those strings to keep us all safe.
Forget that. Do for us what you need to. You will anyway!
We’re learning that the suffering AND the joy you dish is meant to serve us equally. Well, at least we’re trying to learn.

Love ya. Amen.

P.S. thanks for your patience on this acceptance thing. It’s hard.

P.S.S. Hey thanks for the ‘serve the dish’ pun – love it. And thanks for the words to write to my friends)

If we do go down again, I know what my reaction to round two will be….
More acceptance with less resistance that’s for sure. I caused all sorts of heart ache for myself in round one.

You say it! …. we all say it…..”We never know what’s in store”


Insert calm music and a breath or two….

Because we’re part human that’s why. And because some of what we’re called to face is excruciatingly shocking and when it comes to the people we’re asked to do life with, and we loose them – now that feels nothing less than unbearable. Somehow we survive that too.

And still we’ve got to do our best to dive as swiftly as we’re capable into the being bit in us.

No rush. Hold comfort in knowing you’re not suffering for nothing. And soon you will see. no rush. 😔

Alleluia to that hey!

If we can try it though, softly try the dive in, we’ll see that the impact of the suffering that hits will linger for less and will do less harm to the physical mental emotional spiritual dimensions of ourselves.

I reckon this diddy is relevant to any challenge so thought I’d share it. Sorry for the delay. Must of chickened out back then. 🐔 But If we don’t share now with each other what helps us to heal from this game called life. When will we.

Before I take too many turns I’m gunna get out of bed and do my thing. Which I hope will be movement and a spot of sun rise.

Do you do stuff early? Best time for me. Anyway, I know it’ll be time to go soon and be with those amazing Angels I work with.

It’s been a busy 7 weeks since reopen. We are so grateful. Thanks ALWAYS for your love and support. You’re the best!

Bonnie x

P.S. don’t forget to put yourself down for our next ‘Inward Gaze Workshop’ so much fun

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