Christmas is around the corner, blink and you might miss it! I wanted to let you know what we’ve put together to help you or someone you love enjoy some deep relaxation and pampering. We’ve prepared some delightful packages this year! Hope you like them.

Before I show you, can you tell me something?! …What’s with the stress at Xmas?. The pressure we put on ourselves, farout! For some crazy reason we think we have to be the “perfect” party host or buy the “perfect” gift. Have the “perfect” beach body – as if!! Get the house painted, finish the garden, smile joyfully at the office party when really all you want to do is just get out of there and hang out with the fam. We strive for an illusion. An imaginary reality. Nothing and no one is “perfect”. Sorry to disappoint you, I really am. I rant about acceptance all the time. Acceptance of the unfinished fence. Or the broken tiles in the bathroom.  Acceptance of the aging but able body that houses your soul, yep it’s a little bumpy and swishy. ‘Acceptance of what is’ is the key! Anytime of year, especially at the most hectic time of year.

What would you say if we told you that you can avoid all the stress surrounding gift buying this year and spoil your friends and family with a gift that will leave them feeling loved and rejuvenated, far better than any material gift you’ll search tirelessly for.

We’ve made gift giving so easy. We’ve put together 3 absolutely delightful Christmas packages that your loved ones will truly treasure. Spoil them in a way that no material gift can give, read on to find the perfect package!


Self Love Package

Is there someone in your life who truly deserves a major time out. Someone who is always giving and deserves to be treated themselves for once? We bet you have someone in mind, and this is the package for them.

Three hours of pure indulgence allows them to truly bask in the ultimate place of relaxation. A Sensory Body Bliss Facial is followed by a Luxury Spa Pedicare and Manicare that will leave their body tingling with love from head to toe. For ladies we throw in a Brow Shape and Lash Tint, and for the gents we include a Brow, Nose and ear clean up.

It doesn’t end there! Your lovely lady or man of choice will take home an Oneeka 250ml Herbal Hands and Body lotion with coconut oil and lemon myrtle, so that they can take a piece of paradise home with them.

Peace Package

This is the perfect package for the workaholic in your life, as it helps them to recharge their batteries and start the New year feeling energized and completely at peace!

This package includes a delicious Hot Stone Back, Neck and Scalp Massage to drain away tension that often accumulates in these areas. We then revive and deeply hydrate the skin with a Revive Enzyme Facial, after which we help to boost circulation and energise the body by eliminating toxins through a truly indulgent reflexology foot massage. You have permission to fall asleep!

This lucky lady or gent will be going home with an 150ml Oneeka Herbal Spritz with rose petal oil to refresh the skin and lift the spirits!

Joy Package

This is the package for that someone who is always short on time, but who needs some time to relax and have their spirits uplifted, perhaps a new mum?

This package may only be an hour, but yo or someone you love  will leave feeling as if they are floating on air. A Renew Facial will relax the mind and leave the skin radiant, and a scalp massage will feel like absolute heaven, and allow them to escape from any mental checklists or chores that may be waiting for them. We end this joyful hour with a relaxing foot refresher to wake up the feet and release any tension they may be holding onto.

A beautiful 150ml Grapefruit Deep Cleansing Gel with grapefruit & aloe vera will be waiting to go home with them when they leave.

We bet you have already decided which package is perfect for your loved ones, so avoid the stress this year and give a gift that will feel truly rewarding when you see how happy and blissfully relaxed you’ve made them.

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love bonnie

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