Claudia Boymouchakian

Claudia Boymouchakian is a lovely and compassionate Medicine Woman, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Crystal, Sound Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, as well as Spiritual Counsellor and Angel Intuitive®. With a background and experience in PhD Psychology and DipEd, Claudia designs her sessions, workshops, classes and circles in a professional, practical and entertaining way. As a traveller, she is invited to different places in the world (Australia, South America and Europe) to share her love for energy healing, psychic readings and shamanic practices.

Claudia was born in Argentina, South America, from Armenian parents. It is from this background that Claudia inherited the Art of reading coffee cups, bringing clarity and guidance to her clients, as well as answering their questions, in a respectful and also fun environment! Claudia has more than 28 years teaching and counselling experience and loves her Shamanic Circles and Reiki classes, where she guides and helps participants to explore what’s Beyond the Veil, their inner wisdom and power, so they can discover, learn and use the skills acquired to help themselves and others.

Claudia will facilitate your Reiki healing Workshop also a Shamanic / Drumming Circle. She will also bring love from your Angels through your private reading.


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