Ready to make a dramatic difference to the overall appearance of your skin? Love to plump up your skin and reduce your wrinkles and lines?

Want to look as young as you feel?

This treatment is for you!

COLLAGEN INDUCING THERAPY / Dermal Needling / Skin Needling. It has many names with one objective to make you look as amazing as you ARE!

Let Face Faxx show you how we’ve helped many of our clients receive amazing results.

Stimulate your natural collagen to leave you with smoother, rejuvenated and younger looking skin after each treatment. Clinical Skin Needling works by lightly puncturing the skin with tiny medical needles through a motorised head. The skin quickly begins the natural process towards building new collagen and elastin fibres.

It is by far one of the most exciting treatments available on the market today. We love how instant the results are and we guarantee that you will love them too.

Treatment time 45-60 minutes. Return to normal activities immediately with slight redness for 4-24 hours. Some of us get no redness at all!

Improve the appearance of

  • wrinkles and lines
  • Improve skin texture, firmness
  •  reduce pore size
  • Treats acne scarring
  • Helps lighten pigmentation marks and brighten skin tone

We highly recommend 4-6 treatments 2-4 weeks apart

Here is a peek at some of the amazing results our clients have enjoyed having Needling!

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