Ladies (and gents!), have you ever gone for a pedicure and felt like a fish in a fishbowl with everyone peering into the windows to see what’s going on? I bet you have!

A service like a pedicure should be just as relaxing and enjoyable as a full body massage or a facial, and you should never feel uncomfortable! A pedicure treatment at Face Faxx is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friend, while you both enjoy a glass of bubbly or some soothing herbal tea.

We strive to bring the same level of loving kindness and relaxation to absolutely every service, because that’s what you deserve! Whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, you deserve to leave feeling pampered, relaxed and with a big smile on your face!

Why Our Pedicures And Manicures Are Different

Most salons try to squeeze in as many manis and pedis as they can, which I truly feel takes away from having any kind of a relaxation experience. When your therapist is rushed, it leaves you feeling frazzled too, and that completely contradicts what I believe a spa should stand for.

In fact, when you look at our service menu you can see that we have named our manicures “manicare”, and our pedicures “pedicare”, because we will truly take care of you and leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and deeply relaxed.

Before your service even starts, take your pick from our refreshments menu, you can choose from a variety of drinks such as a glass of sparkling wine, beer or some calming herbal tea. Feeling a little hungry after after a long day? We offer healthy snacks too! And of course our not so healthy chocolate hearts.

You can choose from various manicures and pedicures, we highly recommend our Ultimate Spa Pedicare and our Luxury manicare.

This pedicure includes everything you will find in the Luxury Pedicare, along with an intense hydrating boost of blissful paraffin wax, and a simply divine extended reflexology massage that will transport you to paradise for the duration of this experience.

The luxury manicare includes an arm and hand exfoliation followed by a gorgeous massage before brightening up your nails with your polish of choice. You will leave feeling enlivened and incredibly relaxed!

Grab a friend and come together for a much needed catch up, or continue the bliss of a facial to our private pedi spa room where you can recline with a lavender bag on your eyes for the ultimate relaxation experience.

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love bonnie