Eyebrow Microblading, also known as Feathering,  is a procedure that results in beautifully natural looking, defined semi-permanent eyebrows.

The Microblading technique is designed to apply medical grade pigment to upper most layer of your skin. The correct pigment is chosen according to your skin type, skin under tone and hair colour and applied to replicate your natural brow hairs. A pencil tool fixed with a fine blade is used to deposit the chosen pigments into the epidermis (top layer of the skin). Microblading is a semi-permanent solution to perfect looking brows! The effect will fade over time and the duration of the result varies from 12 to 18 months.

Your new eyebrows will appear darker immediately after the initial treatment and will fade by 20%-40% within the first 4 days. It is possible that the colour will fade considerably after the initial treatment and at least one touch up ‘Perfection Session’ up will be needed. In the case of a complete brow re-build, two perfection sessions may be necessary

Eyebrow Microblading at Face Faxx is a 3-4 step process, usually performed from 30-60 days apart.  

Step 1 – Brow Prep & Consultation Session $30

(if you decide to proceed with the treatment you will be refunded for your ‘brow prep & consult session’)

This session takes approximately 30 minutes and occurs 1 week before your initial Microblading treatment . Session 1 includes brow shaping and waxing. We’ll tint and shape your natural brow, take some pics, answer any questions you may have and start our discussion on your desired shape. We’ll also ask you to complete the consultation forms so we can take care to consider any medication you may be taking the could contraindicate the process. Our thorough consultation will also assist us to best select the most suitable pigments for your skin tone and colour. The week prior to your first session begins the process to towards the beautiful eyebrows you’ve always wanted!


Step 2 – Your Initial 2 hour Microblading Treatment.

Now that we have the all paper work done we can begin the process safely and proceed with your colour selection according to the information you’ve provided. We will expand on our discussion regarding your desired shape and draw your precise brow shape onto your face using accurate measurement tools and brow pencil. Considering that our faces are not symmetrical, as brow artists we aim to create as much symmetry as possible. We will design and adjust your brow according to your requests and our expertise and will only proceed when you are COMPLETELY satisfied with your new brow shape.

In order for us to keep to our initial design precisely, we’ll ask you to do a number of ‘sit ups’ throughout the process. This way we can check the progress and stay perfectly on track with your desired shape!

Step 3  –  Your 1-1.5hr Perfection Session

The third stage of the treatment is your Perfection Session. This usually happened 30-60 days after your 2 hr session. It can take 30-60 days for the pigment to settle in the skin and it’s imperative you complete this session for optimum results and to prevent premature fading. The initial part of the process is no indication of your finished result.

Session 4 1hr Follow up to your Perfection session. This will only be necessary if your natural brow required a total rebuild ie you have no existing natural brow hairs to work with. This session is rare and is performed 30 days after your first follow up Perfection session. This will incur an additional $150

Total cost is from $600 and includes step 1,2 & 3                                

step 1 – 30 mins brow & consult session                                

step 2 – 2 hr Brow Microblading session                                

step 3 – 1-1.5hr Brow Microblading Perfection session (done 30-60 days after initial session)                                

step 4 – 1 hr Brow Microblading – possible additional follow-up Perfection session. Usually only necessary if we are completely rebuilding your brow $150

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do results last?

Eyebrow feathering is semi-permanent, it will begin to noticeably and gradually fade after 12-18 months. There is no guarantee on exact timing as everyone responds differently. More frequent touch up may be required when a lighter pigment is chosen or the correct after care is not followed. You may like to freshen the look of your brows and come in for a touch up after 12 months.

What are cosmetic tattoo pigments made from and are they safe?

All pigments we use are the best quality and highly safe. Most pigments are Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide based, a safe non-reactive substance and suspended in distilled water, alcohol and glycerin. the pigments are specifically designed for implantation into human skin.

How long will the pigments last?

The longevity of the colour in the skin cannot always be predicted. Some skins hold colour longer and stronger than others, while other fade leaving a light residue in the skin. Pigment may fade or change according to metabolism, lifestyle, skin type, medications, age, smoking, alcohol, sun exposure, and use of products such as Retin-A and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)

Does it hurt?

No usually. Topical cream is applied up to 60 minutes prior to the procedure and a liquid topical anesthetic is applied onto your brow after each pass during the first 2 passes. There are usually 3-4 passes at each treatment. Everyone has a different level of sensitivity. Topical anesthetics are applied before and during the treatment to alleviate any sensation of discomfort. Its common for you feel one brow is sorer than the other and more so at times of menstruation. Your comfort is paramount to us and we assure you any discomfort, if any, will be well worth the results you will acheive!

Who is NOT suitable for Eyebrow Feathering?

If you, at the time of your Feathering sessions …

  • are pregnant
  • have had Botox in the prior 2 weeks
  • have a deep tan or chemical peel in the prior 2 weeks.
  • have had Skin Needling in the prior 6 weeks.
  • have performed any home or salon Dermal Rolling treatments in the prior 2 weeks.
  • suffering with Diabetes, a doctor’s consent is required.
  • taking blood thinning medications. Although treatment may proceed with consent from your doctor, you may bleed more than normal. This can affect dilution of the pigments.
  • have an allergy to lidocaine, prilocaine or tetracaine (these are anasthetic ingredients).
  • used Roaccutane in the 6months prior to treatment.
  • have a skin disease, irritations, swelling, infection in the area or dermatitis.

Who IS suitable for Eyebrow Feathering? 

Do you …..

  • pencil your brow daily to fill bald spots or scarring?
  • have naturally thin eyebrows?
  • suffer from Alopecia or other hair loss concerns?
  • not love the shape of your natural eyebrows?
  • want to save time in your busy schedule and enjoy perfect eyebrows everyday?
  • have visionary problems and find it difficult to pencil your brows in?
  • have any concerns about losing your brows due to medication?

You’ll be provided with comprehensive before and after care instructions and be asked to complete our ‘Microblading Consultation Form’ to ensure we can proceed with your treatment safely. Also we’ll ask you complete our ‘Microblading Skin Type Chart’ so we can best determine the correct pigments for YOU.

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