Once upon a time….
Myself and 33 beautiful humans plus 1 fur baby joined for 3 nights in HEAVEN ON EARTH to “Inward Gaze”
We laughed, we cried, we fueled our bodies, we were healed by that river, (sounds creepy but just frigging TRUE) we felt free, we felt stuck, we loved, we danced to the drums, we BANGED those drums? HARD and soft. we connected deeply with ourselves and others, we chanted, we belly danced (that is so a lie – CELESTINE Belly Danced – “I just threw my costume in” she said to me over the surrounding power of drums and instruments, she slipped over her head what was covering her costume, I tied the scarf to her hips and roused on her “you cheeky, you didn’t tell me you were going to dance for us!!!” And dance she did as we all called out in spine shrilling cheers, clapped and played in rhythm! – we’ll sorta in rhythm.
Phew the energy, tingly as I write. Ok we balanced it up I promise. We met each day at dawn and in silence, we stretched and chanted at Yoga, some hiked the mountain , we sang (lie! – Agnie blessed us with her angelic voice) we chanted, we meditated, we rested, we cried some more, we shared, we rested some more. Oh sound healing sessions too. Far out so much so much so much
But most of all we LOVED. ❤
And I am basking in that loving energy right now with gratitude for YOU, Angels that trusted me, really not knowing what to expect. Well neither did I know, EXACTLY what to expect. What happened was nothing less than a series of miracles. One after another after another after another after another !!
The AWESOME team behind me.
WOW!!! ❤️️️ To my spiritual guides, Teachers and My Mum. Thanks for holding me, energising me and hangin around from it’s conception. The seed was planted years ago, I watered it and we ALL made it come to life. Now our work, is to ground ground ground and SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP.
Last but by no way least. And ‘thanks’ just don’t cut it. But to My guiding force and the love of my life. Greg ️ . Ok Ok you can share him his love NEVER runs out, don’t worry.
Here’s a snippit of the JOY!!
You gotta join us next time for sure. Jus quietly.. I’d bags your spot now if I were you. Inward Gaze 2019 here we come.
Did I just say that????
Oops too late, seed’s in the ground now  I know what happens when you do that.
With all my love as always.
Veronica  –  that’s me



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