Inward Gaze Workshop 😌

Tuesday 15th March, 2022 – 6:00pm @ the salon


So, here’s what’s happening. I’d love you join us.
We all have reason to ‘inward gaze’ a little, even at the best of times. And what better time to connect, when it hasn’t been the ‘best of times’. To practice relaxing into what is the true essence of us, beyond the catastrophic events playing out on the planet.
There’s no better time than NOW to take action on our well-being. 🥰
Join me, along with other women, to explore some ways to best navigate our world. Are you feeling a little stuck in old habits that you know don’t serve you? Stuck in the crapola of yesterday. Stuck in the stuff we can’t change.
The resistance to ‘what is’ holds us back from living our best life ♾ Let’s use this opportunity to take a break and open our hearts to our innate inner power.
Here’s what I’m thinking. We’ll gather at the salon. We’ll share. We’ll keep it simple. We’ll do some chair yoga and enjoy a guided meditation time. Finish with a cuppa 🧁. We’ll connect. 🤗
The whispers to move on this idea have become ear-piercing screams that I can’t ignore any longer. And to have the date set on our first workshop is THE BEST 🦋
We’ll ‘Inward Gaze’ in the salon space until we need more room. We’ll start with a monthly gatho of loveliness and see where we’re guided.
By donation only. With all proceeds to our fav charity. Maybe we take turns to bring a plate to share. 🧁I’ll get supplies for Tuesday!
Our salon space is limited so bags a spot early.
Sending biggest love AS ALWAYS Bonnie 🧡
P:S Lock it in – 5 days Away! 15th March 2022 6:00pm. Venue: Face Faxx. Please call the salon, email or msg me to grab your spot!
P:S:S Woohoo. It’ll be beautiful and so meant be.
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