So Grateful you’re here.

First up, if you’d just love to skip to the juice. Scroll to the bottom to find the SALE SALE SALE. Let’s call it our 17th Birthday Sale! Or a cry for help  — both work for me.

But if you’re up for a chat I’d love you to grab a cuppa or a straight vodka…

Here we are hey. In it together. We’ll be ok, of course, we will be.

Like most of us you’re concerned about your babies no matter their age, your own health, maybe your finances…… Take the time to remember what’s real in this…….the way we respond is all we can control. All of what is spinning us out is no way in our control. Yeah let’s not catch it, but don’t allow it’s attachment to your every thought. Only you have control over that.

My humanness gets the reality and the gravity of what’s going down. Uncertainty on so many levels. We don’t cope well with not knowing. Or change. And this brings loads of both.

I can’t help but send a reminder of Mum’s serenity prayer. Well, it’s not Mum’s, but we can share. Oh and Vaughn, my number 2 son, carries it forever on half of his torso.

You know it…..To live these first 2 lines FULLY – brings peace closer.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change………

My heart goes out to those living in fear of what might be. The already anxious souls. Don’t allow those fear filled thoughts to shrink you.

We are all unsure in varying proportions. All of us a little fearful. Find comfort in the togetherness of this thing. I am.

It may seem I’m all accepting today. Trust me, like you, I’ve had my share of freakouts. This was going to be our best year ever. My intentions had been set, manifested, repeatedly chanted and all in place on the physical level to become a reality. Yep, our 17th year had us feeling more positive than in past years.

I’ve had my attachment, gripping and bouts of the F word coming up. F.E.A.R. I’ve had no problem expressing other F one too.

Face Faxx was to be cha-ching support since the closure of my husbands business. woops! You can read more about that on the blog page of the website. The timing of that scary episode for my family, was actually perfect – as it always is. Looking at my ‘story’ about Greg’s business folding, after this P******* hit seemed so insignificant. AND it is. Look, it’s real, but like everything really ‘figureoutable’.  And kinda paled in its existence to all else going on.

Today I feel different.

Whatever will be will be. Right !? Yes including all the ultimate and devastating realities. You can insert what that might be for you. Don’t say it out loud and swop it with a positive thought. I’m not going there.

If you’ve ever had the urge to read my stuff, all that I ever chat about is as relevant to this ******* as it ever was, to any unexpected disruption in life.

The stories that create the pain in our hearts, lives or on the planet, are for a higher purpose and the resolution remains the same.

It might just be the time to bring it in. The practice of presence, breathing techniques. I see it as the best solution for where we’re at, always and forever and ever amen.

“Keep your opinions to yourself Bon??!”  you say? Ok – sorry.

Don’t do it to quieten your mind and connect to your higher self. Ok 🤫 – sorry not sorry!

“DO IT” TO BUILD YOUR IMMUNITY. It’s no secret meditation does just that.

Now the polarity….the very necessary human stuff…

Allow our leaders to lead and do the intellectualising. We need this side of our being VERY MUCH. We all welcome the very mind provoked actions of the worlds geniuses. Hangin out alone, in a cave might be balancing for the masses but these brilliant leaders and  intellects need our positive energy to bring it.  Send virtual love to our medicos, they will bring it. Strength to our PM to keep leading us and the hope that he’s calling on his spiritual practice everyday to survive. You prob know I’m no way politically inclined, should I be? Probably. I’m not. But this man. WOW. I can only imagine what his wife and his kids feel about Dad on the front line.

Cut him some slack. He’s doing his best.

There! The most I’ve EVER devoted to politics in my life.

About Scott’s spruik the other day – my sister said…. it felt like Dad yelling at us when we’d done some dumb shit. “STOP HOARDING FOOD” I wanted to see him gesture a clip behind the ear and yell ‘CUT IT OUT NOW YOU KIDS’

I heard the agriculture minister (go me on ABC) don’t worry I’m still chasing Mafs, watching them hug and stuff. If only they knew back then hey!

So… we have 25 and a half million people and enough food, he said, for 32 million. An adored farmer piped into the interview to say…Hey if you want more milk Australia, just holla and I’ll send you some.

Let’s soften a little around the shopping.

Now theAdored’ farmer? YEAH. I’m in love with all our farmers. No hang on. Sorry, Greggy I love you more. Between BBC’s Ben Fogle and an Aussie Farmer, it’s hard to choose who I’d pick. And the worlds ending so I may have to choose sooner than later. Sorry, Armageddon joke – too soon??

Arghhhh there I go. Left-right. pardon political pun.

look with Scotts help, we’ll do everything we can to stay afloat.

No P******* is gunna stop Face Faxx!

Wow, let’s bring it down a notch, shall we?
4 count deep Inhalation come with me…. 1 …2 …3 …4…
Open mouth, exhale fully with a sigh – make a sound if it’s not to weird for the people around you. I’m alone so I’m all good.

Ok, that feels better. 

Where was I? reaching out with a far-out! HELP‼️ Insert a rescue flare here

But before I let you on the 17th Birthday SALE, in case you’re wondering, how are we still trading? Well, we are definitely trading along with a whole lot of 80% Isopropyl Alcohol, the only stuff that cuts through IT, we use between every client on every surface along with the encouragement from A VERY reputable source. Well, for as long as Scott says we can, we will.

We’re doning disposable masks, gloves & aprons. Door handles, benches are continually being doused in Isopropyl. Our hygiene practices have always been excellent. Ask our health inspectors, some of them can’t do the inspections anymore because they become our clients – conflict of interest. True story.

You’re welcome to all our disposable protection too if you feel. It doesn’t look too sexy on but it keeps us all safe. The Tea tree oil is burning in humidifiers. We know tea tree alone won’t cut it against ******* (don’t say it out loud. Always consider the universal law of attraction when your gunna say something out loud ) Tea Tree is a great anti-bacterial so it all helps I guess. But our main weapon – 80% Isopropyl.

Here’s the juice……I’m working to get these online so you don’t have to leave your seat! I’ll send you the links asap. Or call us 95456885, if we can’t get to the phone, leave a message and we’ll prepare.


Buy 2 $50 Vouchers & Get 1 $50 Voucher FREE —–LOONG expiry – 3 years and 18 months for the freebie one.

Spoil yourself or someone you LOVE with this precious gift.

Buy 2 x  $50 Gift Vouchers and receive 1 x $50 Gift Voucher FREE!

Indulge yourself or them on any Luxurious Face Faxx treatment or Divine Oneeka Skincare Product..


2 vouchers of the $50 vouchers are valid for 3 years & 1 for 18 months!

An ideal remedy of self care and relaxation to have on hand as we heal and recover from this challenging time.

T&Cs for OFFER 1

– All 3 vouchers may be redeemed on ANY service or ANY Oneeka Skincare product you choose.

– Vouchers may not been redeemed with other gift vouchers or special offers ie current Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Oneeka Sale




– Offers expire 30th April 2020.


Sending the biggest Love to you and your beautiful family from the amazing Face Faxx team & Me too. xoxo

P.S. here’s a polarity. Too much sanitiser on your hands dries them out. It can aggravate your Excema too. So as much as you wanna use hand sanitiser, please, use just as much moisture! 

P.S.S. Vaughn will be so disappointed when the club calls to cancel his 21st, poor baby. They haven’t yet but they might after the new ‘people to space ratios’ rule.

P.S.S. Here’s a cool blessing to finish……
Even though we need to add another topic to our convos. I have never spoken to so many strangers in my life, I love it. Although I’m one to have a chat with strangers for no good reason. (Really Bon I would never have thought – said noone ever) I love that people are talking and less taken back by the weird lady.

P.S.S.S Oh, in case you don’t know who the weird lady is. That’s me. “DER! thanks Sherlock” said everyone

“We’ll get through it together” LD


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