Anytime is the perfect time to Celebrate Our Blessings and Embrace Our Imperfections. Our imperfections don’t define us. Its our spirit essence that’s perfect, that’s all. NOTHING else in life is perfect!

Perfection seeking in our children, our relationships, our body, our work situations brings only suffering. When we drop the mind-made clutter about what’s not right in our lives we create SPACE.

😊 Space to be filled with love for ourselves and others! No matter how imperfect life feels right now, freedom from attachment to it all, waits for you. Small daily presence practices work. Freedom from ‘perfection seeking’ reveals a brighter more beautiful world and an opportunity to help others become free from theirs.

I enjoyed the most beautiful opportunity to practice my own  ‘Freedom from Perfection’ yesterday. Here it goes…A precious friend, a bridesmaid at my wedding 30 years ago, saw an ad on facebook, bought a bundle of Oneeka Skincare, attached a message and said ‘if this is you Bonnie, it’s me! Natasha has grown up so much’. She wrote. 

WTF! We had a lot to catch up on! So we did, for hours and hours on the phone we shared our blessings and our heart-aches. Kim is my bridesmaid from 30 years ago and it’d been about 17 years since we last saw each other. Naturally, we are much older now and our imperfections are plenty. After finally ending our call, we spent the afternoon sending photos of our families along with our imperfections.

You know those pics hidden on your phone! The half -naked selfie, when you wanted a before shot for the weight loss dream that never happened, that infected ingrown toenail you took for the podiatrist and the cellulite snap in the bathroom.  With a ton of laughing emojis, telling each other to zoom in on the imperfections. It was hilarious and so FREEING. I hope it helps you. And reminds you to get FREE from imperfection-seeking too.

Why the breakdown in our friendship!?
We hardly went there! We agreed, it’s about today. We all have people that come and go from our lives for reasons we don’t need to understand.

I’m so grateful for my complex, imperfect  life and hope you have loads of opportune moments to practice ‘freedom from perfection-seeking’. And if you’re free from perfection-seeking today, please share your tips! And if you believe perfection IS your life. That’s so cool for us because you’re here reading along from Heaven, the only place that perfection exists. 😘