International Women’s Day, Let’s Celebrate with…..
This is the crazy offer I promised. If you’ve been waiting for the launch, here it is. If you haven’t a clue what it’s all about, read on.
It’s ‘Mumma’s Time Out Time’ Spoil yourself plus bring a friend for FREE! Easy!
If you haven’t been to face Faxx, this is a great opportunity to find out what all the fuss is about. Bring along a deserving Mumma sista and split the bill in half. 
If you have been to Face Faxx, you’ll be the first to take us up on this and book yourself and a friend for FREE pronto!
What a great way to thank them for their friendship, for the days they picked up the kids for you, for the time they listened to you when nobody else would, for the time they discretely told you your skirt was tucked in your undies, for all the times they called right when you needed them, for telling you you looked fabulous when you clearly didn’t, for the times they’ve waited for you without complaining, for the times they lovingly told you to pull your head in, for the time they cooked you dinner when your were sick….Tell them exactly why you chose to spoil them.
You know who you’re grateful for.
After they’ve hung out with us for a while they might say to you…
Wow thank you so much for inviting me, that was the best treatment I’ve ever had!
Or Maybe they’ll say I didn’t realise how tight my shoulders were.

Or… You’ve always talked to me about Face Faxx, now I know I get it!!

Or.. far out I feel so light I could hover about the clouds.

Or..seriously, my skin has never looked so good.
Spread your Face Faxx secret with a sista you appreciate or both come as new customers and split the bill!
Book yourself in, whatever treatment you choose, someone we haven’t met can indulge as you did for FREE.
What can they expect from us…..
Will we spoil them with our amazing skin care products? Yes
Will we show them what deep relaxation is? Always.
Will we demonstrate the best Minerals make up around? If they’d like us to, we will.
Will we spoil them and show them what service is? Of course, always. A1 service is our thing
Will they leave us feeling nurtured and less stressed? Well of course, everyone does!
Will we rush them because it’s free? Never, it’s not how we roll. And you know it!
Will we tell them about who we are and what we do? Sure, if they’re interested.
Will we encourage them to come back? Absolutely we will.
I know you know someone that is deserving of your gratitude. Ask them to join you at the same appointment or send them on their own to enjoy their own private time. Whatever works for you both.
Only 2 easy peasy rules to play by.
It must be someone we haven’t met
Appts may be booked at the times we’ve allotted.
Happy International Women’s Day! Have fun choosing your deserving Angel ❣
With Love as always
Bonnie & my awesome team


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