Are you often in a rush to get going in the mornings?

No prob! Set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier! Get out in nature where you can enjoy the little things; the birds chirping in the trees or jasmine releasing it’s beautiful scent. Nature knows we need her. But do WE KNOW we need her. It’s 6:37am ATM and I can hear the birds outside goin off. I’m learning to LOVE the bush more and more as I grow up. Hardly anyone is ever around, only me and Bella dog.  It’s surrounding us all in this beautiful part of the planet. I always bagged my brother when he’d say, when are you moving to God’s country. While all of Mother Earth (ok I was trying to avoid the hippy jargon) is God’s country I know what he means about the shire. We have no excuse to visit. She’s waiting to heal us. Get out, visit alone. You get plenty of time with other humans. Do some sound healing and scream it out. Give her your stuff, she can handle it.

Maybe your ritual will be simply sitting with an image of a loved one past as your focus. Be still with a focus of their light merging with yours. Nothing was lost, the relationship only changed. I connect with Mum’s spirit often.

Maybe your spiritual practice is making quiches, boxing them up beautifully and giving them to people you love. So long as you focus on the feeling of making them as you go. Watch with focus as the ingredients go in. Watch the stuff pour in. Listen tentatively as the knife cuts through the bacon (or if you’re vego, spinach). Hear the eggs crack.

Giving your full attention to the task IS meditation!

Complete focus on what you’re doing…..Your mind can’t take you on it’s rambling journey while your attention is on watching the golden swirl of the eggs as you beat them. Not for these few moment at least. There’s plenty of time in the rest of day for internal head blah blah. So whatever you do as your ritual do it consciously. You know how to do this stuff. Your thoughts need not be rambling while you fold the clothes, cook the dinner, brush your teeth. You’ve got these things down, it’s auto pilot stuff. Use the time to be totally focused on the senses while you’re at it. Yep practice on the simplest things. 

Ok you can’t make quiches everyday. Or maybe you can! It’s my precious friend Neen that makes quiches for peeps. She makes and boxes them like shop bought ones and gives them away. They’re SO good. And it’s because they’re made with focus, attention and so much love. And it’s not only my family who LOVE her quiches!! Watch this space for….“Neens Conscious Quiches“ “Women dumps her crazy corporate life to takes over the world with her consciously made quiches!”

 AnyWHERE, doing anyTHING at anyTIME! That’s my kinda meditation!  

So, I was gunna say Spring is a good time to ignite a ritual and start some emotional shedding and healing but anytime is a great time! While your new 10 minute daily practice is vital, it’s as important to take time out to treat your body. While meditation reminds we are far more then our bodies, they still need looking after.

The muscular system with needs massage, our skin cells need shedding and nourishment. Leave the skin rejuvenation up to us! Like all our treatments, our intention is that you fly into that place in you – this paradise is a location that needs no plane ticket and is in you. A recent share from an anonymous male was summed up perfectly……”I don’t know where I just went but can I book in next week, I wanna go back there again!!”

We’ll help restore your skins health and vitality as well as, and possibly more importantly, help you discover how to come away from your daily grind and busy mind with deep relaxation techniques.

Daily practices will look differently for all of us and conscious baking may not be your thing! Start you ritual simply – 10 mindful minutes, early morning. Most of us have done some kind of stretching or yoga over the years. Do what you already know, before you race into you day. Raise your arms above your head, bend forward, make the shape of downward dog. When you’re done, sit quietly with your feet consciously placed on the ground, sitting or standing. Take your attention to your feet or your hands that are sitting softly in your lap. And if you’re familiar with our treatment rituals, you’ll have heard it before, soften your jaw, tongue, back teeth, shut down your eye lids. Relax the body, drop in. By taking you attention to your body you cant be on your thoughts. And that’s life mission isn’t it, do less thinking and more being!? So, wherever you choose to practice your 10 minutes ritual to stretch out, finish by taking your attention into your body, focus and feel your breath move in and out, in and out, in and out. Do it and I promise you you’ll want more, your time doing it will expand way beyond 10 minutes AND SO WILL YOU EXPAND, BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS.

So here’s what I‘ve come up with to revitalise your body, replenish your skin, still your mind and SO much!! O did I mention check off your entire Santa list in one go!

I’d love you to check it out!


love bonnie

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