The day arrived when I had to stop asking… “are you sure Tash?!”   “Mum! Stop asking me, I LOVE IT.”

It seems she’s strapped in for the ride.

Last thing we want for our kids. Is what WE think they should want. While it was always something I dreamt of, I’ve been aware enough to make absolutely sure it’s what SHE wants. And FOR NOW it’s what she wants. Yay. That makes one happy Mumma! 😊

Small business is a tough gig but I believe she’s got what it takes in spades.

She happens to be my kid and I’m a little bias but she is the most independent, resilient, loving and hard working woman I know.

Thing is, while I have taken a step aside, my time and heart is still very much with our family business. To know I have her spiritual strength by my side now is a gift that keeps giving. She’s a mean Muay Thai fighter, so her physical and mental strength is handy too. 🥊

Natasha has big dreams for Face Faxx. Just saying those words makes me excited for her. While we meet regularly to discuss the day to days stuff she insists time is allocated, strictly for ‘Big Dreams’ projects 💭

I feel, (no I frigging know) I help to switch her course emotionally when the shits hits the fan. And like life it will continue to do that. With a nudge from me to let go and bring attention back to Her consciousness for ‘IT’ to remind Her to loosen up a little, check in on what is priority ( ie her health and well-being) and that all she needs she has beyond all the doing. 🙇‍♀️

Progress in life and business evolves far more efficiently if we remain detached from any outcome. I’ve had my fair share of unexpected switches along the way to have learnt that all will be as it’s meant to be whether I control with my 24/7 do do doing or not. 🤯

A message I sent Tash the other day…


TBH I could not do it without her now. I’d actually choose not to. But while so ever she needs my guidance I’m in – 100%.

We have very different directions. Me in my micro “Inward Gaze” Retreats & Workshops stuff and her massive plans for expansion. “You can have that baby, I’ll be over here, watching ready to remind you…🙏🏼 TO BACK THE TRUCK UP, let go, go quiet and listen for your next move.

The foundation has been built, while there’s been some cracks the footings are strong. We may be wading through some sloppy cement at the moment, it will harden.

Please send love and positive vibes. Whatever is your way to spread love. Prayers?! With hope, that our world recovers swiftly and you find peace from within yourself to accept the struggles that come your way.

A big shout out to our precious team. And that we all stay happily together and continue to share that loving Face Faxx spirit with YOU for many more years. We’re not done yet! 🤞🏽 at least we hope so. 🤷🏿‍♀️

Love Always & FOREVER.



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