Very recently, I was asked a question by a young client that has been coming to the salon for some time.

“Bonnie, I hate the freckles on my forehead, can you remove them for me? You dont understand, I really hate them!!!”

And if you know me, you can imagine how it went.

“Yes, we can absolutely do that for you with IPL, BUT WE WONT BE!!! But don’t worry their are many salons that will book you in immediately to do the treatment. Im sorry I won’t do that for you. What I can do though is far better‼️

Our time together from that point was spent chatting about about acceptance & love, ESPECIALLY of the things she’s always hated about her appearance.

She quietened in reception as Celestine and I shared our thoughts about her natural beauty as we encouraged her to instead, accept her “perfect self” fully. If you have teenage kids, you know that’s easier said then done.

I could see on her face and in her eyes, her tormenting internal dialogue about her skin had quietened somewhat but was still not convinced. So we booked her next treatment…I chose for her a 30 min Silk Peel. Which doesn’t normally allow time for meditation through massage. This one will‼️?

I’ll let you know how we go.

We’re up against a big beast i.e. the www & social media. The external influences our teenagers face are illusions but sadly they believe otherwise!

While no-one can conquer the demon in her head but her. I can show her how it is possible to silence the lies. And start believing that who she is is more than enough.

So, if your kid complains about their genetic sun kisses or something on their skin that’s unique to them. Don’t send them to me to have them removed, actually no, please send them to me!! I’ve got your back!

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love bonnie

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