letting goMy hearts desire is always to keep moving on my journey towards a stable, peace filled life. Be Joy for my adorable husband Greg and amazing kids more often than I’m not. Spend more time inside my body focusing on my breath and celebrate the realisation that the obstacles and difficulties in my life have been pivotal to the peace I enjoy today. The past, including yesterday, should be a place to keep life’s wonderful memories safe and not used to store negativity and collect old dark stories.

I was recently given an opportunity to practice my intentions when I felt the urge to reach out to my sister. The only way that that could have happened was if we both agreed to practice that very principle and leave the past where it belongs. Now that was a joyful day because she agreed!  “I Love You Kathe!” What we gain today for letting go of the past is vast. Continued healing for my fractured family is slow but possible.

Do you have anything in your past you need to let go of?  DO IT! . . . It’ll free up some space to fill with greatness! Just let go, what presents itself will astound you!

“As long as you continue to project the imperfections of today onto the days to come, you will continue to reproduce and repeat the old past”
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The speed at which one year passes is another reminder to stay in this moment as much as possible, if we don’t slow down our minds, before you know it another year will have passed us by. Let’s make today about living in the Now more often and letting go of anything from the past that’s holding us back from fulfilling our life purpose.

Make your life less about acquiring this or that and more about finding and nurturing the deeper YOU through your life purpose. My life purpose is to be the best partner and mother I can be and in some small way, somehow make a difference to you. YOU are awesome and have a purpose to share with the world. Something that only you possess. Simply open your heart to find it.

Thanks for sharing your time with me!

love bonnie

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