Here’s what we guarantee the Silk Peel coupled with Oneeka Skincare will do for you …..

The Silk Peel facial is a skin care rejuvenation process that can simultaneously exfoliate your skin while infusing condition-specific professional serums to the base of the pores. And you can access this treatment along with FREE Oneeka Skincare in a super special that’s on NOW at Face Faxx.

Firstly, more about Silk Peel. Here are the top 7 benefits you’ll get from a Silk Peel treatment…

Diamond Exfoliation:

Eliminates the dry and damaged top layer of your skin by delivering uniform and precise exfoliation, therefore, providing you with the ultimate skin-refining experience.


Targeted Serums, depending on your skin condition, are delivered to the base of your pores and epidermis to address specific skin conditions such as dark spots, acne, signs of aging and dry skin. This treatment ensures serums are infused into your skin, rather than merely sitting on the surface.

Detoxifying Lymphatic Drainage:

Silk Peel offers gentle skin massage to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph which carries waste products away from the tissues.

Fuller, Firmer Skin:

Due to the volumising effect of the Silk Peel treatment.

Increased Circulation:

By stimulating blood flow to the surface of the skin which increases skin nourishment.

Collagen Stimulation:

As a result of tissue oxygenation and cell renewal.

Silkier, Smoother Skin:

Your skin will stay hydrated for up to 72 hours following this treatment, so as the name suggests, you will have silky smooth skin for days!

Silk Peel treats any skin type and condition.

ALL skin treated with Silk Peel becomes 70% more volumised for up to 72 hours following the treatment. This means that your skin looks and feels smoother, more plumped, deeply hydrated, and visibly healthier!

And because we’d LOVE to help you deeply relax throughout your treatment, we are also including an indulgent face, neck & décolletage massage. Not only will you look great after your treatment but you’ll feel fabulous too.

Our special offer to you.

Purchase a Silk Peel Package (3 treatments) and receive 3 full-sized Oneeka Skin Care products valued at $140 for FREE.  The package price is $475.


We’ve strategically chosen a selection of products that we know will help renew your skin. On the day of your Silk Peel facial, together we’ll choose YOUR 3 perfect products to help keep your skin on the right track towards rejuvenation and renewal.

Here is the divine selection of Oneeka Skincare that we promise will make a difference to your skin….

Oneeka Skincare is a naturally-derived and all-Australian range of high-quality skincare products that delivers real, visible and long-lasting results for its customers. It accomplishes this through its use of the purest ingredients to nurture, repair, rebalance and restore skin harmony for all skin types and conditions.

We’ll assess your skin on the day and choose the 3 products that would best suit your skin needs.

We’ll be choosing 3 complimentary full sized Oneeka products from the following list…

Book your Silk Peel Facial package by LIMITED OFFER! Ends Soon. and
receive 3 full size Oneeka Skincare products that will ensure the continued healing and repair of your skin at home! The professionals at Face Faxx will guide you on which Oneeka products will be best suit your skin!

Claim your FREE skincare! Schedule your first Silk Peel Facial (*normally priced at $160 each!) Call us today on

9545 6885



*Strictly Ends 30th Nov 2023

*Valid for the first 25 to jump!

Which ever comes first


We guarantee you’ll be so glad you did.

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