Skin Care Treatments To Get Your Skin Summer Ready while you give your mind a rest!

Spring time is finally here in all its glory, with beautiful buds opening and gracing us with the most gorgeous flowers and foliage. Spring time is truly a time of renewal and the perfect time to cleanse mind, body and spirit through practices that support you internally, and allow you to live a happier and more peace filled life. Those practices look differently for all of us but some thoughts may be that they might include yoga or meditation, or even a simple mindful early morning walk in nature where you can enjoy the little things; the birds chirping in the trees or jasmine releasing it’s beautiful scent. Maybe for you it’s cooking a meal or throwing a ball to your dog. Or maybe it’s having a coffee with a mate that leaves you feeling alive when it’s over.

Just as spring is a wonderful time of renewal it is also the perfect time to shed those metaphorical winter layers and reveal a brighter, healthier looking skin.

Exfoliation may be the first thing that comes to mind, but what about nourishing your cells internally by drinking water or blend a great detox juice. Or…what about coming in to see me for one of our excellent skin renewal facials? Enjoy a service that will have excellent benefits for the skin while you lay out in the safety and comfort of our rooms.

Facials at Face Faxx will always offer a very special free bonus. To get the most from your experience allow us to give you some simple directions, as we begin your treatment, towards a very deep state of relaxation. Just a verbal easy guide that will help you to stay above sleep but below thought and help you transport your senses to that blissful, peaceful place for a little while. Leave the skin rejuvenation up to us! We’ll let you know when it’s over and ask you to gentle return from that sacred place within you. Lol not lol. TRUTH! You’ll look great but more importantly FEEL so much better for having joined us.

Not to mention any names….A fireman returned from his facial treatment recently only to say…..”I don’t know what just happened, then but can I book in to do that that again next week”

Also, we do our best to keep a herbal and botanical influence flowing through the products we use through your treatments.

So…here’s a little more info on the facial services that have evolved over the years. (since 2004 to be precise, for those that are only just discovering the Face Faxx familia)

Words can’t describe how special and relaxed I felt in the care of the staff at Face Faxx. It’s a beauty experience unlike any other as they nurture your whole being not just your skin! I was unexpectedly and completely transported for the hour to another glorious place. Thank you!

Enzyme Facial Therapy

Enzymes from the green papaya fruit are used for all our enzyme facials to effectively exfoliate your skin, while providing intense hydration and a beautiful glow thanks to increased blood circulation. Enzymes that work to digest unhealthy cell only!

Unfortunately, my industry has a reputation for using harsh chemicals that remove many layers of dead skin – too quickly! While the immediate results are appealing the long term result for continuing to over exfoliate with AHAs, BHAs & Glycolic Acids are devastating!! But that’s for another blog!

For a truly indulgent treat we recommend our 90 minute Sensory Bliss Enzyme Facial. Now that’s a treatment that provides a portal to somewhere beautiful.

Silk Peel – Dermalinfusion & Microdermabrasion Facial Therapy

For a deeper rejuvenating and brightening treatment then we definitely recommend one of our dermabrasion facials, Diamond Microdermabrasion or our popular Dermalinfusion Silk Peel in particular, they exfoliate the skin on a deeper level and help to promote the formation of collagen to keep your skin beautifully youthful.

These treatments are non-invasive and can help address nagging skin conditions like fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, pigmented areas and sun damage. They’re great for all skin concerns and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Our nurturing approach combined with top quality products will leave you feeling rested and you’re your skin brighter!

Advanced Dermal Facial Therapy

 Our advanced facial services like Dermal Needling, Skinnovations Herbal Peel and IPL Photo Rejuvenation dramatically  improve the signs of aging and scarring. These facials reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, scarring, pigmentation by up to 90%.

Click here to learn more about our Facials!

We’d love to take some more of your time to tell you about all of our skin reviving facials. Book yourself a free skin consultation. There’s s lots you’ll learn about how you can improve your appearance and get that beautiful fresh glow back again! We can chat about the changes you’d love to make to the appearance of your skin and decide together what we can do to help you achieve those changes.

love bonnie


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