Come to sunrise with me!

Love to share my morning with you. The sunrise was so beautiful, so beautiful. The sun started to rise with this brilliant orange then passed through into the cloud cover. Then man, this brilliant mind blowing display! The strip along the horizon allowed its brilliance to peek a bright bright bright orange until it was ready to do its thing.

Contant crashing waves with all this calm behind them. As far as you can see. Not to mention a the whole world underneath. Now I wanna say I saw a whale well I think I saw a whale. Anyway this is what come to me when I was in whale heaven. my whale ? was way out showing me one slim glimmer of his body on the surface of his world that is vaaaaast. Yep you got it. There is that same vaaaaastness in YOU my beautiful friend. Hold that thought…..

In that moment I received an adorable and I believe a divinely delivered reminder. It comes in waves. Pardon the pun but it does, our shit comes in waves. With no disrespect to the tumbling white wash, in that moment the waves represented the suffering that’s sent my way. And the endless calm behind the waves is the joy of which I receive equal amounts. I can confidently say the challenges roll into your life too because you’re a human on earth. And we’re both learners doing life in an imperfect world.

While our suffering may have different stories attached. Its same same for us all. For me in that moment it was the good old relationship with others challenge. No you can’t get out of it. You’ll forever be working ‘other-people’ stuff out. There’s no choice my beautiful friend, there’s a few other billion of us doin this jig too. We’re lucky we only have a few relationships to sort through. If you’ve lost track – I’m talking relationships with others are often our biggest Hawaii killer waves. I think waves are big in Hawaii aren’t they.

congrats you’re still with me!
Don’t leave yet the gift is coming!

Incoming Gift …..when we notice the ‘I wanna freak out at you’ feeling’ is present and you don’t respond to it. With resentment, a steam if rambling thoughts that urge you to blurt something you’re likely to regret! It’s our fixed way of being, the conditioning, the past, the righteousness, the disrespect of where they are at on their road. Expectations. Expectations. The hell bent way you’ve always dealt with those peeps. And there in lies the gift. These relationships ultimately become our biggest teachers.

If their way, for now, is to be stuck. Leave it to em and do the hard hard work to free yourself instead. we all get stuck in old patterns. It’s time to change it up. For some of us it’s 100 percent of the time. But there is another way. For others we’ve woken to the freedom waiting for us if we choose to do the hard work. An approach that brings the true freedom. It takes non-attachment to where ever they may be on this ride. They know nothing more than life within their own minds, not considering any other realm. And there is no judgment on that. Who am I to say with all the millions of lifetimes we’ve all had that that should be different for them. Or that I have any chance to change it. A light will shine for them eventually, sometime, next time, the time after, time after that. I’m discovering that I’d much rather work to change me. It takes the working with the power of presence in the moment of those situations to free us…. this isn’t about making the other wrong, it’s about changing your contribution to the moment. It takes dropping a dose of love on the interaction. Bringing the power of awareness and going beyond the learnt repeat reactivity. Give loving attention to what they’re sharing or even screaming, and go instead deeper within yourself. Respect and love only. instead of being triggered, you’re simply noticing and choosing to respond with stillness. You’ll instantly be washed with the most pleasant sense of calm. And there you have it. Our acceptance that challenging episodes will forever be sent to help me move towards the people we’d much rather be.

Practice. Practice. When the chick at the post office drives you or the man at the servo triggers that rumble. Feel your feet on the floor, your breathe in your chest and watch the shitty feeling in you pass. You’ll be prepared to practice presence when the ones you love do their thing. Powerful Magic. I call times like this in my life .miracles.

All done with the guidance of our own spirit. Costs nothin and endlessly gives back.

Have a beautiful day! ?

With all my love always

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