Hey, don’t you love it, we don’t have far to go to be by the ocean or amongst the trees. At times it’s the best place to go. For me, that moment is now.

Do you ever feel that life drops situations that get you down? And no matter what your wisdom you’re free-falling without a chute!?

We know better than to respond the way we do. And we wish we hadn’t allowed that bloody conversation with our kid, that traffic jam, that bad news story, opinion or judgment leave us gripped in that familiar shitty feeling again!. Too late, you’re hooked. Noticing you’re hooked is the best bit. If we carry on without that pivotal piece we stay stuck on the merry-go-round and fixed to our learned ways.

Did you notice that no chant or softly spoken prayer fluttered down from above? Me too, I reckon it’s by design that it doesn’t.

With practice, the time it takes to realise – lessens. My stuff once lasted decades, forget getting over it in moments. Our ‘DONT FREAK OUT’ tools can be learned and become so effective IN THE MOMENT of an upset. Step 1. Notice. Notice you’re doing your thing again.

That window between reaction and awareness that you reacted can shrink in time and the intensity of our reactions wain. Imagine that.

You know those times, the anger, the fear. All the ragey kinda stuff that spews out. As well as the silent narrative in the head that only cruels the situation further. It’s ok. Notice it all. Settle back into that place of ‘knowing’ (the knowing that’s beyond the knowledge kind of knowing) and remind yourself, ok let’s calm the farm a little. 

It takes hard work.

We can stay stuck in your usual reactions to the things that challenge us. Or WITH PRACTICE we cannot!! You choose.

When we’re explosive and in default mode, our ego screams “HEY HERE I AM, LET’S GO, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO” Don’t listen!

Start with the physical response first. Remove yourself. If we don’t, what comes to our lips could be cruel and often regretful. And worse still, our actions ugly.

All we need do is remember there’s a deeper space beyond our bodies to call on. It’s remembering we are not our thoughts and is where that ‘knowing’ resides’. After all, thoughts are the very thing that controls how we behave.

Have courage when it’s dark. Forget ‘The Light’ IT’S OUT at times like these. There’s nothing but a puff of smoke. Well, it never goes out completely. Thankfully, we have as many chances as we need. And I reckon even countless lifetimes in which to learn that very thing. It’s the darkness that brings the gifts in life. Ultimate gifts of awareness that are disguised by suffering.

No Suffering = No Change.

Ok, what would it be without a sideways step…

Wanna know my trigger before I noticed?

It was a kid thing. We can share what we believe with the people we love, but it’s up to us what WE choose and what we believe to be our own truth, separately from them. Could we save them from some pain? Abso – frigging – lutely. Just BE the wisdom you’ve gathered through your suffering and it’ll overflow to them. Our actions speak far louder than words – Right?! Forget the willing them to do this or that. This is their short gig on earth.

The tide’s coming in, creeping up to say ‘it’s ok’

I give all of how I feel to the ocean right now. It’s bigger than me. It can handle more than I can. There dissolves another challenge.

There’ve been so many situations in your life, all presented for your own good. But if we can, at the moment they land, soften and remember that this too is an opportunity to grow in awareness that’s there’s another way to respond. Whatever YOUR story.

Thanks so much for hanging out. Enjoy your practice to be less reactive in the stuff you can’t change and have the courage to change what you can – YOU.

I already feel better. Hey, we love our families so much. But they must journey separately from us, endure their own suffering in order to get free from their heads. It doesn’t mean we love them less, but we have to let go. We have to allow this time that they’ve been given on earth, to be theirs.

x o x

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Love Always





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