May our resolve for living in peace never waiver, no matter the circumstance.

Choose to drop ‘resistance to what is’ today and open to a life filled with more peace.

If only we could sit in every negative situation that presents itself and go quiet to accept it first. Feel the effect in our body, learn what we need to then watch it slowly pass.

When you’re in it YOU’RE IN IT and clarity like that is far from our mind. And therein lies the problem. The mind and the negative control it can have. We focus more on the story than the gift that is coming, that is for sure.

It brings some comfort to know we’re in this one TOGETHER. For those of us in Australia, this is passing too.

Why attach to stuff we can’t change. We’re left feeling zapped, depleted by all the energy we waste intellectualising, analysing, and problem-solving, it all passed nonetheless. Leaving us to discover, no matter how devastating it was, it was always going to slip by eventually. Just like the other countless situations that have come your way. The pain that comes with challenges needs to be felt, for sure, but absolutely needs not to be held too long.

Challenging times are graciously and divinely working to have you see them for what they’re worth. Many times they’re worth letting go of.

We attach ourselves to things as if it’s helpful. Hilarious!

We can take the long road of self-pity and the victim stance if we choose. Sure we can! But I’m up for another way. Besides I know this road only takes me down a path of twists and turns, hurdles and ‘wrong way go back’ signs. Not to mention, mental and physical health situations.

Letting go through conscious breathing techniques builds your IMMUNITY. Never mind its ability to ground us when our life situation has us up in our head. 

The choice to resist suffering doesn’t have YOU driving the bus along a journey that was intended for you. 

Maybe try relaxing a little when the next unforeseen challenge pops up.  We’ll stay spinning on the same merry go round of learned behaviours of freak out and reactivity if we don’t change it up.  My beautiful chaotic family life filled with dysfunction and dis-ease growing up is the merry go round I’m jumping off. I’m grateful for it all. Without it, I’m not sure I’d be so open to doing life differently.

We arrived untainted on earth, pure. Then life makes it messy. Do the hard work to let go of the crap you’ve gathered, or be at death’s door wishing you did. 

If you take a look at your past you’ll recognise a repeated pattern. Sure differently coloured stories but same stuff really.

Life will never be flat-lined. It’s meant to have a wavy curve. The aim is NOT to flatten the curve ever. Instead to remain in the flow of all of the highs and lows that are they’re dealt.  And with open arms to the hidden gifts that follow.

If only we could sit in every negative situation that presents itself and say… OK I’ll go quiet to accept it first. Feel it in my cells, learn what I need to take from it then watch it slowly pass. Leaving us to discover, no matter how devastating something is, it’ll slide away in time. Just like the other countless situations that have come your way. The pain that comes needs to be felt but released fully when you’re ready. If you believe in miracles, you’ll know gifts land to help us move through. Stay open to the indescribable peace that follows. I call it divine intervention

As I watch the sunrise I choose today to not live in resitance Change what I can and allow the gifts to land. This global P will too shine the biggest gifts – you watch!!

Try it next time, be still accept it, feel it. Sure some mind generated thinking may be required but I’ll bet only 5 percent of what you give it with your mind and emotions will be useful. Focus instead on the everlasting power within, feel your feet on the ground before you respond or react. Allow it’s passing sooner than you once would of and start relying on the power within you for the solutions. All you need is in you. We often, too readily try to solve when it’s better to simply accept the situation fully as it is and allow space through meditation, in order for it to pass. Have patience.

We NEVER suffer for nothing. Know great things are coming when everything seems to go wrong.

“Old energy is clearing out for new energy to enter” Adil Ahmed

Love B 🧡 

P.S thanks so so much for hearing me. Hope it helps a little. Let me know. We are in ‘IT’ and life together.

The biggest P.S.S.
join us at your ‘Inward Gaze – workshop’ it’ll be the best decision ever !
See you there. 😍🙏🦋


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