It always amazes me how incredibly fast the year goes. We’re getting reminders everywhere we turn, there’s no denying the countdown is on. Although I love Christmas time and the joy it brings, the lead up can be so stressful.

Do you feel like that too? With loads of responsibility through the year like work, partners, study, businesses, elderly parents, kids and grand kids one year of achievements is endless! Then there’s all the things we should be doing like juicing, walking the dog, working out, making time for old friends. Ok, now prepare for Christmas! Sounds grim?

Let me share a simple solution

Stop! just for a few seconds, yep, right now . . . as you read, soften your tongue and jaw, drop your shoulders and become the watcher of your breath moving in your body . . . be there even for a few seconds.

Everything immediately slows down and our heart rate drops. The voice in your head stops with it’s chatter and a real sense of calm takes over your body. You distracted your mind while you simply focused on your breathing.

If your mind has taken you back over already and it’s questioning whether focused breathing techniques can change anything at all. Don’t just take my word for it. There is documented evidence that even a few minutes of meditation everyday changes the biological structure of the brain. It undoubtedly reduces stress levels and moves you towards living a peace filled life. We live our lives outside of our bodies, being controlled by our endlessly thinking mind. When we focus our attention internally it immediately settles us.

A regular meditation practice ultimately teaches us to be stable at life’s challenging times. As stable are we are when we’re focused on our breathe (prana – our life force)

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