Access your OWN inner wisdom beyond your incessant thoughts. This kinda wisdom is divine, it’s clear, its free, it’s love and it’s waiting patiently for you to tap into.

Yep another week is upon us and that’s just perfect. But whatever comes up, respond to it with your heart not you head. You’ll need a little intellect to get you through, but mostly how you FEEL will be enough. Your soul knows your next best move.

When you get the buzz to negatively react with your words or actions,
Take 2 deep breaths, quietly but consciously in and out through your nostrils. No one will know! FEEL your feet on the ground or your bum in the chair, then respond. What comes to your lips will be the right thing. Your actions will also be more loving and far less damaging to yourself and others.

You have what you need, you’ve got this! You only gotta know how to enjoy the stillness to access your wisdom. It’s there waiting patiently for you. Should you choose to accept this challenge haha. And I’m in this with YOU, its a challenge alright! But with practice what you need do or say will come with astounding clarity and only LOVE! Try it.

A regular meditation practice ultimately teaches us to be stable at life’s challenging times. A consious breath is a great start to enjoying the true Gift of Life. PRESENCE. Our stability, in the inevitable curve balls is far LESS RATTLED when we’re focused on BREATH MORE. You know breath well! Remember that life force, that thing that sustains you !!!!! Use it consciously at some point in every day and watch your life transform. Let’s make a promise to each other to give a little more attention to IT this week.

Have compassion for yourself when you realise you can’t keep focused even for half a breath. It’s there, that is the gift. The awareness you couldn’t keep your focus. And so you go again. Dont do it to become a better meditator do it to have a different life one breath at a time.

With love as always ❤