they say it relieves stress so I’m in!

Are you struggling too?
The way out is found with the same conscious action every time. 🥰
Turn your back on the thoughts and actions that don’t serve you, those ones that only perpetuate the chaos and confusion. However, it’s left you feeling, know you’re not alone in it. 🧡
Maybe soften a little, let it be as it was. Be kind to yourself. It’s ok to lose your way again. We’ll get a billion chances to change it up.
Here are some things Tash and I have done to help clear out the clutter.
Practice acceptance of the stuff you cannot change. Have the courage to change yourself instead.
Hold space for each other to ‘be in’ those shitty feelings if they hit. Humbly clean up your mess when you take your frustration out on them. They’ll understand.
Where in your body can you feel the fear or anxiety. Go there. Resistance doesn’t serve us. Allow it fully. Watch it dissolve.
Love these ones…
🌻 Plan for the next day before you go to bed. How long will you spend on self-love? Or make a call to someone that needs an ear (don’t mention C-19 or what you believe about it) will you cook something yum, do Yoga or even stretch your body for 15, will you give yourself a facial massage. Will you halve your screen time!? Make a quick list. Fill it with free stuff you can do to fill the next day with more clarity and joy.
🌻 Clear out the physical clutter! It’s my fav thing to do. If that thing brings you the joy you can keep it. But if it doesn’t and you haven’t touched it in 12 months, take it to Vinnies!
🌻 Shift the stuck energy — shake, move, daggy dance, scream it out in nature.
🌻 Plan to ignite that thing that C-19 put on hold. Be ready to blast it off when you can. My planning is about you and what fresh ideas we can bring to Face Faxx when we re-open!
🌻 We’ve been dropping supplements every day to build our immunity – Vit C, D, Zinc & Selenium. And magnesium, they say it relieves stress so I’m in!
Got any ideas to share? Maybe a cross-stitch is your meditation! 😉
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