If you find the f-bomb offensive please don’t read this blog because it’s time for the ‘f*** it’ bucket.

Here’s a thought…What if we cared less about the shit that doesn’t matter? Imagine it, we’d have so much energy and space in our hearts and lives to fill with great things that actually do matter!

You know the things in your life that belongs in the ‘fuck it’ Bucket. They’re the things that have always been your ‘things’. They’re repetitive and they’ve slowly become your fixed way of being. Your fixed way to react. Your fixed way to think about yourself. Your fixed way to think of others. They create a fixed way to do life. They keep you stuck, living life from the bench. Waiting in the lineup for your turn to bat.

Yeah! They’re those things that you’ve carried like a ball and chain attached to your ankle. Yeah! That stuff breeds that familiar, uneasy feeling deep inside your gut. Yeah, you know! The things you hold onto but cannot and won’t ever change, but will die trying to ….right? Yes, those things.

Gather all those things into the batting box and swing and watch as the ball flies over the centre fielder’s head and watch as all your fixed ways of being land in the bushes beyond the field landing with a thud in your fuck it bucket. Don’t drop anything as you head up the first baseline.

If tomorrow you still feel the worthlessness,  the competitiveness, the resentment, the shame, the anxiety, the fear, the guilt, the rejection….It’s all good only means something dripped off as you made your way to home plate.

It’s all good, go again, walk towards the batting box and take another swing. It’ll take a few at-bats to finally drop all your stuff beoyond centre field.

Keep your lineup of stuff that don’t matter, your bat and fuck it bucket handy because you’ll need them over and over. Negative emotion, whatever the story behind its conception, will never completely leave us. Don’t despair it all ultimately becomes our divine given gift to work through. Yep, all suffering and despair become our gift! Because what leaves our cells is our attachment and debilitating over-reactivity to WHATEVER comes.

Allow it all. Just don’t stay in it all.

Thing is, because you know you can ceremonially swing for your fuck it bucket anytime you’ll get so good at welcoming your stuff, you’ll quickly realise it don’t REALLY matter and swing to drop it. You’ll hear yourself saying to your Higher Power, whomever or whatever that might be for you… ‘Bring it on I’ve got this batting thing down!!’

Just don’t resist anything you’re forced to face. Resistance to our situations will breed the same old usual negative emotion we’ve become accustomed to feeling. The beautiful thing is knowing it’s your decision to let go of the things that keep you stuck in your old ways of living, feeling and being.

Some things are just out of our control and don’t REALLY matter to where we’re ultimately headed. And that’s home. Om. Do get swinging asap!

Life is so serious sometimes and too often we find ourselves attached to shit that doesn’t matter!! Come on. Let’s bat that shit and make some space in our heads and lives for what does matter. Going home!

When we focus all our time and attention on our fixed patterns of living and how our way to live life manifested. All those stories from the past and your worry about tomorrow. And I lovingly acknowledge and respect those who have lived through unforgivable, horrendous experiences. The same applies every time. Holding onto any of it cruels life for ourselves and our ultimate purpose. Living a life free from the past

You’ve been called up to bat, see you on the Freedom Field!

love bonnie


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