So, I was chatting with a regular client.
She graciously expressed her gratitude for her time with us and encouraged me ….”you need to be talking more about what really goes on here!” Another client said….yes the same day!  I need to give you a hug, that is the best thing I’ve ever done in a long time”…..Wow! Really!

Humbly and vulnerably. I think she’s right, I need to practice what I preach and not allow my head to hold me back and share more of what we really do!. What we offer is so much more than beauty treatments. Clients have said the same for many years.
What we offer is about connection. Connection to the common sacred space within us all. Face Faxx is a place where people come to retreat from the busyness of their minds. We get the job done, that is the beauty treatment, while we’re at it! Being experts in our field is a bonus, sure!!
As we slowly ground and heal our lives so does the whole of our external life. Therein, Face Faxx has become a vehicle for that discovery towards the deeper space in you, that’s all. We love helping you connect with your own inner super-power. It’s always been there, only takes tapping in that’s all.
So what’s there in this sacred space !??
UUmm HEAVEN!!! Healing and awareness that you are not only your mind and body. That’s what is there. You are not your jobs, or your homes, or your nice car. You are not you next European holiday. You are not the stuff you acquire throughout life. You are certainly not the incessant thoughts that feed you BS every day. Instead you’ll discover you are a shining light, regardless of your past and current life situation. 
Discover your light, reignite it and scream your inner beauty from the hill tops. You have gifts to share. Stop hiding behind your own self-sabotaging thoughts. Go beyond them and hang with the spirit you were born with, into this body. The shining you, before it was tainted by your conditioning. It’s in you still. Patiently waiting for you to discover it. It shone so bright when you were a little kid. Yeah!!?? Well the same is there still. 
Face Faxx can be but 1 cog in your discovery to a far deeper you. Find your ways too. Could be as simple as a regular walk in nature, dance & sing, yes meditation, church, yoga, prayers to Allah, shamanic healing, try sound healing. Maybe explore psychotherapy to help you dislodge the stories about why you’re who you’ve become. Pray to God and your angels passed. Whatever you do. Find your way. Open your heart to it and what YOU need will present itself like magic. I promise. Once our higher power knows we’re ready. It’s then we start living our purpose. The real you is in YOU. The shining bright light, beyond your mind and all your possessions.
Whatever reason you visit us you’ll always be treated with LOVE and understanding that the light in you is the same as it’s in us and every other human on the planet. And truthbomb…’d love to visit but dont give me that shit. That’s so perfect too. We’ll always ask your permission.
Beauty really is so much more than what you see on the surface. Our truest beauty is identical in all of us and lies within the space above thought. Right there. In there. 
But please, don’t take my word for it!!
Words can’t describe how special and relaxed I felt in the care of the staff at Face Faxx. It’s a beauty experience unlike any other as they nurture your whole being not just your skin! I was unexpectedly and completely transported for the hour to another glorious place. Thank you ladies! Danielle A.

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love bonnie
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