You’re kidding me!!

We’re halfway through the year.
Feel likes we’ve just laid down our intentions for the new year and BOOM we’re in July!

My things we’re living with more acceptance of what is & forgiveness with a business goal or two thrown down. Well, like you, there’s been a few curve balls. Stuff that throws us off our dreams. And off our best-laid plans.

That’s ok, it’s how it was last year and every other year you can remember back to. Things didn’t go quite the way you hoped. That’ll keep up, we’re better off to leave yesterday where it is and readjust again. Accept all that didn’t go to plan. Just quietly, it’s not OUR plan anyway. We can strive and hope til we’re blue in the face. It’s not realistic to think that life will go exactly as we planned. If the things we willed to happen, don’t, it means they were the lessons we needed to be delivered  – for now.

A perfect example of me accepting ‘what is and going again’ happened only this week. A whopping oh shit moment, when I realised I lost your email address. A list that’s taken me 15 years to build. What I noticed was – I didn’t freak out for long. Not like I once would of. There was that oh f#@! moment. But soon after I realised ‘that feeling’ arise in me. I took a second. Then without freaking out too long, I got straight onto my incredible support people and moved on the solution without adding all the unnecessary emotion.

It’s Natasha’s birthday today and because I was no way gunna be distracted by work on her day. I went to the salon at 4:00 am and in 5 hours it was sorted! Besides I enjoyed that foggy fog fog before most of you!!! ha Ha. It’ll be haha for me when I’ve got to go to dinner at 5 when I want to climb onto bed!! Obviously, I’m on the way to sorting it because I wouldn’t be catching up with you now. Well, no you might be on reading it on Facebook or the blog, whatever enough with the details.

When your next challenge hits, and it will, no one is excluded. Take a deep breath come to the reality of what took you off balance and assess ‘how important is it’ or ‘what can I change here and what can’t I change’ before you have your ‘through a chair’ moment or take your frustration out on someone you love. Do the work to avoid the instantaneous negative reaction that’ll inevitably land as emotion and in turn, move on to wreak havoc in your physical body too. It can all be avoided. Detour the suffering a little with an awareness of what’s mind-made at that moment and what in actually happening at the moment. We can work to resolve what we can change far more effectively by taking a minute before reacting to any situation and avoid a good chunk of the emotion that comes as a result of the initial unconscious reactivity. Big stuff comes too – yep same applies! Mail list lost or a lost loved one. Firstly, the power of presence is the key, then the action we take next is far more productive.

Same same at Face Faxx. Sure, we do our best to make you feel welcome and bring the best of what we have to offer you. But sometimes that falls hard on its face too. Now that’d never be part of my plan right?!. What I can do huh? We pick up clean up and go again. Over and over.

No time for regrets and wishin it was different. Never mind your broken promises to be kinder or calmer, reset and go again. It’s ok – WHATEVER!! If you’re suffering in something now, no matter how challenging, it’s all meant to serve us in the long run. I promise. Well, at least that’s my opinion. And as usual, take what you like and leave the rest. My truth is hard to believe when it’s really shit but the less resistance we have to the challenges the closer we come to living the life we were meant to ENJOY.

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