thanks so much for joining me.

Let’s pause for a second… focus in the image…take a few deeper breaths first.

Recently I learned a friend and her family had another WTF shock of their lives learning about the life-threatening health of her dad. That’s after losing her mum as well as her brother, my dear friend, way too soon. Come on I wondered. Why so much heartache for one family. Finding the right words is hard sometimes….. when you just want to scream out for them “come on enough for these guys !!!!”

Our rainbow fades more often than we’d like at times.

This IS life. 

Equal amounts of sorrow & Joy.🌈

No matter how disastrous, frigging devastating it looks out there or within your own circle, if you look a little you’ll always find a good news story.

When we’re faced with a sudden heavy challenge it feels hard. It can be physically restricting even. Often held and felt in the jaw, throat, or belly, everywhere. Certainly, we feel it emotionally through sadness, regret, thoughts of willing and wishing things could be different.

Although this wishing that life was different, doesn’t change a thing about what we’ve been dealt it only prolongs our stuckness and pain.

Acknowledging our suffering rather than resisting it is the slow walk to lifting the heaviness we feel and start letting go of the belief that something is wrong with you or the world, begins. Our humanness wants to punch in resistance to change it to how we want it. This may be one fight you will never win. Instead, have the courage to change the things you can. Your response to the challenging episodes. 

Let go of the things you can’t change to make space to enjoy a warm showering of life as it’s meant to be lived, unattached to our mind-made world and the challenging episodes we are too often mindlessness connected to.

There will always be a negative human response to what we face. How can this be meant for me, it’s so cruel!? Like my friend and her beautiful family are in now! She’ll find out. We’ll all find out. Maybe not in our timing or even in this lifetime. But it WILL become clear. 🦋

There’ll always be a reminder to practice. Don’t go into your next ‘thing to do’ ‘thought to pine over’. Don’t subconsciously move to the next moment without having paused a little first. It’s the only way to discover this cool and special place inside yourself. Harmony resides there. Amongst indescribable wisdom and understanding. it’s in you. It’s part of you. Waiting to be sprinkled through your life.

Find YOUR way to quieten your thoughts a little and slowly step into what is real, beyond what the banter wants you to believe.