Wow sending love & gratitude to Lisa from Ascension Astrology and Yoga Sutherland.

If you’re feeling like a big fat share from me then read on about something special I did on the weekend to help me balance my scales. I’m overflowing with joy I can’t be kept it in.

Taking time out to join ?Lisa and her students at the Bamarang Retreat this weekend was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time! Come with me next time, balance the scales and take a break from the crazy ?crazy for a while. I’m feeling so balanced and grounded. Here’s what went down.

I collected 2 amazingly generous, open hearted women along the way that graced my life many years ago via our Face Faxx family. Then to meet the Bamarang Bush retreat to meet Lisa and her family along the rest of the group.

To the all important food first…. Man loads of amazing vego creations (made with love by Cameron)
It’s ok I carnivored up in Berry on the way there.

Having said that I really enjoyed the tasty veg food and didn’t feel I was missing out one bit. Instead i felt energised and so light. Who ever thought vegetarian food could be so yum. Besides you vegos of course. Dropped a coupla k as a bonus. ?And was completely inspired to expand on my wholesome eating journey.

The healthy eating gift I opened over the weekend will be shared with my family too. I’ve already dived in with Cams beetroot salad! BTW we were lovingly nourished with wholesome delightful surprises at every bang of the gong. And so will you be if you choose to do one of Ascension’s retreats.

Picture this….At a point when we were’nt in silence a bunch of yogis stand around one of the rustic so functional eclectic kitchens tasting coconut yoghurt. Discussing the flavour texture price and benefits. Had to be a good skit for a comedian for sure. I was so into this discussion but at the same time couldn’t believe I was. Excuse my ignorance and with respect to all you healthy vego/vegans. Our Agie is a vegan until Cam’s whipped cream and raspberries appeared. I love you Agie thank you for being my bright shining light.

I love the food wisdom I took away! my diet is a big part of my spiritual journey and I know it.

Besides it being a time to be totally loved nurtured and completely cared. There’s no cooking for anyone not even yourself. No concern for work, no reception, no washing except for yourself (or not) no television. Only you and you and a bunch of amazing humans around you. On so many levels it’s a must do. It’s not only about the yoga believe me. And yogas not only about the poses. But I’ll leave the philosophy for Lisa.

A day on the life a Ascensions Yoga Retreat….
We didn’t muck around Guided breathing 6:15 then silence until the first 2 hour yoga class kicked off. Ill add here … an addict falls of the wagon. I know now it’s posssible to fall off the Yoga wagon because I did. as a result “my life had become unmanageable” again.

(if you’re a friend of Bill & Louis’s you’ll get that joke otherwise put it down to Bonnie 5 ways! )

We knew food was never far away (about the food again!) when we’d hear echoes from the kitchen of Cam chopping and blending to prepare our next feast. The hanging empty gas bottle would get a mighty gong to call us all in to eat.

We were blessed to have 2 mini yogis – Lisa’s Aiden & his mate/ our professional gongers. Thanks Angel boys, you and Agnies four legged added a sprinkle of extra energy and lovliness to the weekend.

There was time to read, reflect soak in the healing surrounds. And the silence you can’t imagine. besides the wildlife. Lets not go there only to say we were living in there space not the other way. Some found that tricky and that’s ok too.
How about a walk to the top of the mountain or a swim in the Shoal Haven river. Seriously I just spent 2 nights in heaven.

If I had one word to describe what I felt it’d be CONNECTED.
Connected to the surroundings connect to my practice (I’m connected to the chair right now after 4000 hours of yoga practice – Ouch!

I felt so Connected to people. Man we were a diverse gang on the human level yet identical of course. We were lovingly connected by our commonality – our spirit. As we all are of course. We only forget we all are that’s all. Too much of the surface life struggles clouds that special connection that humans have with each other.

That fog lifted and the truth shone bright. My work is to stay connected and keep deepening what’s true for me in this lifetime.

I’ll disconnect again I know I will. This is what is commonly called – life. It’s ok. When I’m taken by my thoughts and find myself in reaction to the surface s*it that don’t really matter.

We must remind ourselves that nothing is permanent not a yoga retreat, not an upset with someone you love, not a bowl of coconut yoghurt not even life itself. I’ll continue to soften around my challenges and allow my truth is keep deepening knowing all I need Ive always had, and lies within ME in the infinite spaciousness of my being. This weekend has been a powerful reminder for me and I’m overwhelmed with joy today to receive exactly what I needed. Again!

What ever we need, our higher power if ready to deliver. All we need do is be open in order to receive . Open to the super power within yourself through your own breathe. There are so many wise spiritual teachers walking this planet with us. What ever road you take, who ever it is that guides you there. Be open to Find your truth in this short crazy time on earth.

Most importantly I felt a strong connection to my own spirit and true purpose. And don’t you worry the mind made less conscious me showed up. But I felt safe in the arms of the people around me to be the mind made Bonnie for a bit without judgement. Sending loving wake ups my way when I did allow to be taken.

I’d love you to join me at Ascensions Astrology & Yoga some time. ( next door to the old salon) Give it a try you never know what you might find there.

And a message to our teacher Lisa on behalf of the people with you at the Bamarang Retreat ….
We’re all so grateful you continue to strengthen your blessings. Through a power I call God, call it beetroot salad if you like. A power far greater than any one of us but through YOU. Your gifts are helping to change lives.

I hoped you enjoyed my yarn If you’ve read this far it might be that you like hearing what I do for fun. That’s great, thanks for listening. I hope it inspires you to slot regaular self nurture into your life.

But if it’s some serious Yoga direction or reminders towards peace in your life that you need too. Try Iyenga yoga and it’s sacred philosophy.

We’re so blessed to have Lisa and Mr Iyenga’s divine ancient wisdom on our door step. Do yourself a favour and get in touch!!

If you’ve never tried Yoga never ever. There are great beginners groups. And if you have. Try Iyengar. We had some yogis at the retreat that were regular with their practice but astounded at the Iyengar difference

‘I’ve done yoga since I was 5 but never Iyenga. This is amazing !!”
❣Daniella ~ Yogarama (ocean front Wileys baths)
A beautiful yoga teacher from Coogee that joined us at Bamarang before she takes her own students there for a retreat. She loved the Iyengar difference.

Check out Lisa’s website for yoga classes. Register for her online ‘Astrology for beginners’ course.

Call Lisa 0411875708