So glad you’re here!

The work is to recognise that looking outside of ourselves and searching for joy through another’s action is not the answer to living a peace filled life. The solution to ANYTHING we face lies within ourselves. And not from wishing if only they behaved a certain way or did and said this or that, I’d be happy. 

The looking to another to bring joy to our lives is fruitless. Exhausting even. Support from our family and friends is vital for when our heads have us suffering in something. Thing is, they’ll often tell us we’re right, validate the injustices we hold around the unfairness of our situation, offering a pat you on the head with a little ‘you poor thing’. Unless they’re conscious enough to call you on your bullshit and remind you of your truth with a quick uppercut to snap you out of it. Greggy is so ready whenever I try the pity party crapola on!!!
No words are ever needed from Him. Only a pause and a look into my soul with his piercing green eyes. “Ok I get it! let me have my human explosion for bit will ya !!!”

True contentment comes when we dive into the power that patiently waits for us. Explore it. It’ll never judge for taking so long. Only to say. Fantastic, so glad you’re here! let’s do this. The day we open our hearts to this INCREDIBLE part of ourselves is the day we enjoy the most beautiful balance between life as we thought it was and life as it’s really meant to be. You are so much more than you believe you are. And this truth, well it lies beyond your physical body, your accumulated stuff, your friendships, your work, your financial wealth and even beyond the most loved people you do life with. Ultimately and certainly this place in you lies beyond your MIND and destructive self talk.

Hanging with the divine space in you IS what brings true joy amidst the chaos of life. Enjoy it everyday as you walk in this thing called LIFE.

Will you face trials when you open to this thing in you!? Will you suffer? Will you ever feel tormented by life’s unforeseen surprises? And I don’t mean the ‘surprise it’s your birthday’ kind. I mean the WTF kind that you never ever expect. Will you be sad at times? Will your anger show up again? Will you be challenged as you’ve always been?  YES YES and hell YES. Believe it or not, It’s these very things that ultimately bring you closer to the JOY in fact.

With an openness to living a life beyond your egoic mind shows you how to turn around an unexpected episode that you’d rather not face into a gift that helps you grow towards the awesomeness you’ve always been.

Look inside YOURSELF for the joy.

We are NEVER given anything we can’t handle. Stop with the resistance to everything you’re dealt! After the human response of self-pity, the whoa is me, the sadness, the confusion, the heartache and sometimes, the gut-wrenching pain wains. Out come the rainbows again. A more joyful episode lands. Think about it. You’re not in constant pain! Universal law is that NOTHING is permanent. Not life itself and neither do our struggles last forever. The trick is to change it up we way we react to them. If we can change our automated, fixed ways of responding to our life situations. Our lives change.

We are often, even in THIS lifetime shown the reason why we were chosen to deal with that particular challenge. You’ve seen this in action!? The times you look back and say, “you know what if that hadn’t gone down this other more joyful feeling I have now could not have happened” And we find ourselves saying oh well, I guess it was ok then for that shitty thing to happen then. Like you give it permission to have been so dire.

Guess what. YOU HAD NO CHOICE. You will be delivered precisely what you need to learn so to evolve spiritually. Regardless of any of the intricate controlling you do. Sorry, not sorry. But you’re not the driver of this I’m afraid.

The choosing to see life from beyond my earthy-ness has left me with far more acceptance of ‘WHATEVER IS’. My humanness tries hard to take hold. I cry, I get angry, I say mean things, I have mean thoughts, I react when I should walk away. But these moments pass before long and I SEE myself in my old patterns. Then with awareness, I let go.

It’s my birthday today and I’m celebrating. I’m so happy to be 53 living my life without gripping to it and hoping that it was different when a crisis lands. My old prayer for someday for my life to be better is more like…Oh really! Ok then, Bring it on!!  Every single shitty thing that has come my way to make up my half century, I am so grateful for. Particularly the real hairy bits. I share that with such conviction and frigging excitement because today I am clearER. Clear that the joy of a birthday will fade, the tears of intense happiness because my kids wrote on a cards telling me they love me so much, will stop. Tomorrow I will face something that’s not filled with as much light. But I know I’ll be ok because whatever my higher power delivers me will be for my good. I wanna say….Greater good – so I will. It is. Only sounds a little sermony. Anyway. I live my life with some cool tools under my belt to hold me and move me more quickly through WHATEVER comes.

Look inside YOURSELF for the joy.

Do some practice. Start enjoying heaven now. Don’t wait to die and go to heaven to hang out in the bliss. Enjoy heaven today. Mix it up. Add a little spiritual practice every frigging day. You say yeah I’ll to do that! I need to do that! I’d love more peace in my life actually. Do it!!!! You have all you need to spark more JOY in your life. There are so many ways to bring that precious time into your day. In a short ritual and without skipping.  Subdue your thoughts with a simple meditation, as you stretch your body or pick up your daily meditation book, stare into a flickering flame and when your head takes you away, watch, feel see again. Repeat. Walk in the bush and listen to a teaching through your headphones. Or click a utube healing music track one like we play at the salon. And when your head returns to yesterday, what ya gotta get done after your walk or what’s going to happen in 10 years from now, return to your attention to your focus. No self-sabotaging chatter allowed. Thoughts like how hard this is to do or about how you can’t do this thing.

Or you might rather just call Mary Lou and chat about that situation you’re facing. Leave May Lou for a bit. Your best buddy is right there with you wanting to bring your solution and clarity around ANYTHING you’re facing. Mary Lou’s in her own stuff anyway. Don’t give in to the rambling so hastily. Like you hear in our treatments, relax the jaw again, let go of anything that takes your attention and come back to whatever you’ve chosen as your focus.

You see this work is miraculous. You need not wonder what will be your practice. If you’re feel something resonates as you read, it may be time to add a simple practice to your day – everyday. The miracle is….that what YOU need as a perfectly aligned practice, that suits you, will come to YOU. And precisely at the right moment. It will land in your lap. All you need do is OPEN YOUR HEART to it. You may have had many nudges that you’ve ignored. This may be another one. No wucken furries mate, those nudges will never stop. All good you may go back to where you came from without even opening to the concept of life beyond your body and mind, life as you think it is.

In all seriousness, it’s all good. You may be reading thinking WT is this all about, I signed up for Beauty Therapy. It’s ok. This may not be for you. You are still with me though, I whisper. Which has my thoughts wanna say….Watch you don’t miss the nudges again, most beautiful one.  Don’t unsubscribe we offer the best treatments in town and I’d be so sad to say goodbye. Only you might not want to open future emails that are addressed from me, Bonnie – Face Faxx.

I’d love to share the modalities I’ve used to restore my life to sanity, that’s prob for another yarn though. I’m so grateful to still to have your attention with this one. Besides, while we may swim in parallel lanes of this pool the way to the finish line will be very different from each other.

By including a simple practice in your life EVERYDAY, slowly slowly slowly you WILL begin to live life the way your life was intended to be lived. Without the wishing, willing and gripping. Oh and forget the resentment and anger. There’s no room for it. Imagine if you began to clear your head and your heart of all the clutter you’ve been accumulating all these years. Forget about cleaning out the bottom drawer and the stuff in the garage you haven’t touched for 10 years. Clear out what’s blocking your best life – let go of the old resentments that ignite useless emotions like anger and judgment. Let go of the stories of when they wronged you. Sure they hurt your feelings. Send them LOVE they’ll get it where ever they are. With all of my respect and deepest love, tragically they abused you. I’m with you on that. Find a way to have compassion, somehow, for their tainted soul. Like you, they were born pure and had to have endured tragic events too in order to harm. Gently work to drop yesterdays experiences to make room for more for joy. I’ve said it a million times…Call it what you will…only open to your Higher Powers’ LOVE, everything will fall naturally where and how it should always be.

Have you ever said? ‘Oh well, it is what it is’ Take that cliche statement to the next level and start believing it! IT”S TRUE.

And no forget it. There ain’t no Mother Theresa here. I penned most of these random thoughts the morning of my birthday before heading out to Flower Power in Liverpool for lunch with Maree, my sister. Hey you should go there. Great Food. We were pissing our selves laughing about something I said as we were saying goodbye in the car park. Back to my bratty child I go when I’m around my siblings. Oh look, I’m sure I said something I shouldn’t have. I pulled myself up and said to Maree in my AKA Mrs. Pulligarna super snooty posh voice. Oh, in the case you don’t know, Mrs Pulligarna is a happier childhood imaginary role I played, probably to mask the confusion growing up. Who knows….  back to the carpark.. “Oh stop we must hold our words, a judgment like does not serve us, my Dear sister “.  I (Mrs P) said. Recalling our mum’s wise and enlightened words we’d been chatting with over lunch and besides I ALSO HAD WRITTEN TO YOU THAT VERY MORNING! So yeah I’m definitely in training. Good luck following all that. Basically… I’m way from perfect.

Back to a birthday celebration.

We drew take away food choices from a hat. Or rather from this great $10 candle holder from Flower Power. See I’m still buying STUFF. Vaughn won the draw, his fav thing. Sushi. The kids had fun doing the pick up of tons of it (sushi leftovers at work today people yah) and a $25!! tub of ice from the posh ice cream shop. Come on that’s crazy cash for ice cream. Now I’m pretending I don’t know the name of it. Ok, Messina. And hot apple pies from maccas. Vaughn (kid #2) made us laugh some more as we sat for the 2nd course in the best restaurant in town. Our home. The flock dispersed into their pens ( commonly know as bedrooms ) and Greg and I watched 2 hours of Carl Barron. We laughed as he put shit on Cessnock and everyone that lives there. What about a comedians skit!? It’s filled with societal (not sure that’s a word) judgment, but I love it. So anyway, let me work through that one. Maybe we can chat about that in the comments.

It’s 3 days after my Birfday. I’ve had so much fun chatting. Thanks for sharing a little of my life with me. I once HATED birthdays (I’ve always said to my kids – hate is a strong word, could you use another) Oh man this is my very last sentence and I have to let you go. But …. I can’t believe that’s the truth about my mothering and the chastising on word choices because I used words worse than a coal miner would when I was a kid. I’ve told this story before too but as a 3-year-old my brothers and sisters thought it was so cute. And IM like, OOOO don’t say “hate…” Back to the not loving birthday’s bit. I so dreaded them coming around. Not because I was getting older. Because I remember feeling I didn’t love birthdays when I was much younger too. Gone are those days. It’s now a time I celebrate from the mountain tops because I’m simply not the mind controlled woman I once was.

When I write these yarns I always ask a mate that knows me well to check it out for me. Ok maybe with a meek “oh shit I can’t post this one can I !!?? Knowing my Angels will tell me how it is. Besides grammatical errors, they have never EVER not encouraged me to move forward with them. TBH there’s always a little snicker from my former self….”get nicked, you can’t write that” I kindly thank my illusionary chatter for sharing…and ask it to NICK OFF.  I invite you to do the same, every time your mind made self tries to take the wheel. Thank it with love and take action anyway. Your Inner self, your intuition, your higher self knows and it’s where that first inspiring thought was dropped from. Every thought After that first divine one gets mushed by the bullshit chatter and self-doubt. Set aside the well-meaning HUMAN occasionally and live through your BEING more often.

As my babies move onto their own adult lives I share more and more and more about my life and experiences with them. Not to scare them but to help them understand why I’m so crazy. NO. YEAH. No no yeah yeah. No to help their hearts and eyes open to a world that once was all I knew. A world that left me a little tattered and confused. I’m well aware that this is THEIR journey as this is YOURS but through practicing presence I’m in a more peace-filled place today and I feel I have something to share with them and hopefully you too. Some stuff that might help to start living your best life.

Look inside YOURSELF for the joy.

P>S Butterfly representing Mum and Image courtesy of our very own talented Maddison Wood.Thank you Angel.

P>S>S  Share away in the comments below I’d LOVE to chat there or anywhere xo