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Spoil yourself or someone you love.

Choose FIVE Divine Skin Renewing Products Included in this Special XMAS Pack….

For your best results, all packs can be designed to suit your skin’s needs.

An example of our most popular 5 products……

Deep Cleansing Gel – with Grapefruit Oil, Centella Asiatica & Aloe – 150ml Deep Cleansing Gel gently removes make up and deeply cleanses the skin. Grapefruit oil extracts help to draw impurities from the skin while Aloe and Centella effectively assist with repair and skin renewal. Deep Cleansing Gel leaves the skin feeling soft and clean ready for the chosen treatment plan.

Oneeka Deep Cleansing Gel

Centella Serum – accelerates the growth of new skin cells in turn aids healing of the skin and the elimination of scar tissue. Regular daily use will effectively increase the rate at which the skin repairs. The key ingredient, Herbal Centella Asiatica promotes cell regeneration, while toning & tightening the skin. CENTELLA ASIATICA will be an essential inclusion in your daily regime. Regular use will ensure a more vibrant healthier skin.
Oneeka Centella
Herbal Spritz – Oneeka’s Herbal Spritz 150ml is a beautifully fragrance blend of herbal extracts. It leaves the skin feeling invigorated while tightening pores and preventing blackheads. Herbal Spritz contains hamamelis extract for toning of the skin. It’s ideal after cleansing and as a preparation for Centella Asiatica or according to product prescription.
Oneeka Herbal Spritz
Papaya Day Cream with PapainLime TreeCentella Asiatica & Chamomile A lightweight daily moisturiser. Essential plant extracts including the Papaya Enzyme combine to assist with unhealthy cell build-up, pigmentation and scarring. Regenerative Centella aids in skin revival and tone while Echinacea and St Johns Wort aid tissue repair.
Papaya DayCream
Eye Firming Gel 15ml with Echinacea & Centella. This regenerative eye gel has a special synergistic blend of centella asiatica and seaweed extract, with the unique properties of Echinacea angustifolia known for its ability to assist wrinkle prevention and tissue repair. This treatment gives immediate visible results firming, toning and regenerating tired dark and puffy skin. The combination of Echinacea with Centella and seaweed extracts has additional benefits that produce truly remarkable effects. Use sparingly, as a little of this treatment goes a long way.
Oneeka Eye Firming Gel

Below are additional products that may be chosen as part of your FIVE product deal. Click the image to learn more.

Oneeka FaceWash MilkPapaya Enzyme PeelSkin Lightening GelRejuvenating Daily MoistureIntensive Facial HydrationOneeka Herbal Hands

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